Number : Eight
Code Name : The shadow
Name : Noah Hargreeves


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She's an enternal teenager, she can be very sweet and friendly while being sarcastic and determined. But she gets angry very quickly, when she is angry she becomes violent and it is better not to approach her. She does everything to hide it but she will do anything for her family.


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She can control the shadows and the darkness. She can turn the shadow into liquid and control it as it does if she controls the water. She can also make the light disappear by plunging the room into darkness. She has a vision that allows her to see in the dark. She's never fully developed her potential.


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She never really liked luther, she always found him too pretentious and faithful to their father. Which led to a lot of argument because she did not want to obey him when he thought he was the big boss.
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Their relationship is special, they like to fight and do it most of the time. Whenever they see each other, an argument begins but in the end they love each other and could do anything for the other.
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They have never been particularly close, but being the only two girls in the academy they have formed a kind of friendship. When they were young, they told each other almost everything and talked about girls' things. When they return to the academy, their relationship is no longer the same. The separation has removed them.
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Between them it is a fusional friendship, they love each other so much that they would be ready to die for each other. Klaus was the person she was closest to. They understood each other perfectly and spent all their time together. When he left the academy, she fell into alcoholism when she saw that he would never come back.
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She does not really know what to think of him since he came back. She feels affection for him and is ready to help him ... against some services of course.
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He was the second person she loved the most. He was his confidant and the person to whom she trusted the most. When he died she was devastated.
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She almost never spoke to Vanya about her life, only a few words exchanged from necessity when they were younger. At the death of their father, she tries to talk to her a little more and more amicably realizing that loneliness could be destructive, having experienced it herself.

Grace is his mother, she loves her as much as if she had been her real mother. She is the only person to whom Noah wants to obey.

She does not particularly like it but she does not hate him, she just feels a tender affection for him.

▪ Sir Hagreeves
She does not really like him and never loved him. She does not regard him as a father at all, but rather as a puller, just a person who has adopted and raised her. She is not touched by his death, she is even relieved.

Facts about her

▪She tends to drink often since Klaus left.
▪When she was young her father locked her in a room without any light because she was afraid of the darkness and her power is darkness itself.
▪ Since she left she has only done odd jobs and lives in a shabby studio. However, she managed to make something livable.


" If you say one more time that i'm not good enough, i'll break your fucking neck."

" Why did you let me asshole ? "

" I love you too much to blame you. "