Name - Nancy Odessa River Album
Nickname - Nora
Birthday - 26th December 1959
Blood Status - Half Blood
Birth Place - Dorset, England
Nationality - English
Years at Hogwarts - 1971 - 1978
Loyalty - The Order Of The Phoenix


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Long, Wavy Dirty Blonde Hair ~ Loads of Freckles ~ Sparkling Green Eyes ~ 5'6"


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She Wears Very Comfy Clothes, She's Mainly Seen Wearing Jumpers, And Wears A Lot Of Neutrals And Her House Colours


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Brave, Witty, Sarcastic, Loyal, Kind, Honest, Fun, Smart


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Elder Wood With A Phoenix Feather Core, 10 ¾" And Hard Flexibility


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A Tawny Owl Named Pepper


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She Was The Gryffindor Keeper From Her 3rd Year To Her Last Year

Favourite Classes

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Books ~ Forests ~ Rain ~ Coffee ~ Fresh Baked Cookies ~ Smoke ~ Leather


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King Cobra (Was Originally A Fox)

Animagi Form

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Favourite Spells

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Favourite Places

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The Gryffindor Common Room ~ The Library ~ The Great Hall ~ The Quidditch Pitch

Hobbies And Skills

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Reading ~ Playing Piano ~ Dancing ~ Practicing, Learning, And Casting Spells

Favourite Creatures

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Hippogriffs and Thestrals


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Lily Evans And The Marauders

Love Interest

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Sirius Black ~ After 4 Years Of Futile Flirting On Sirius' Part (Starting In Their 3rd Year), The Pair Started Dating, Many People Thought Nora Was Too Good For Sirius. They Stayed Together Until Sirius Was Accused Of Killing Peter Pettigrew And 12 Muggles, And Working For Voldemort, Consequently Being Sent To Azkaban. They Were Reunited When The Order Of The Phoenix Regrouped. Nora Always Believed Sirius Was Innocent.

Life After Hogwarts

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When She Left Hogwarts Nora Became An Auror, She Became The DADA Teacher After The Battle Of Hogwarts. She Never Married Or Had Any Kids

Additional Information

  • Nora's Mother Was A Witch, Her Father Was A Muggle.
  • Nora Saw Her Mother Die At A Young Age (5) , Therefore She Can See Thestrals. Beacause Of This She Was Raised As A Muggle.
  • Nora Began Research To Become An Animagi In Her First Year, Unaware The Marauders Would Later Do The Same. This Went Unregistered Until She Became An Auror.
  • Her Patronus Changed When Sirius Was Sent To Azkaban, However Instead Of It Changing To Match Sirius', It Took The Form Of A King Cobra.