Hi today is my 15th birthday and I'll be talking about things I'm greatfull for.


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I know that every time I feel bad I can go swim and I'll feel better or take a nice bath, I've always been coneced to the water some how.


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this past year has been really ruff on me and my family. My family is very complicated but I only understood that as I got older, they always done their best and always made me live in a farytaill.


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since I was a kid I always had vivid dreams I would wake up laughthing some times completle in shock id I dream that I was shoot I would wake up with agony and kinda feeling the pain. My dreams inspired me to be who I am becouse my dreams are so vivid I usualy suffer a lot and chalenge myself in ways that probably would'nt happen in real life.


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I am me just simply me and that's what makes me myself.

Thank you for reading hope you liked <3