this is not an original idea but i thought it would be fun to describe my friends as aesthetics.

sophie - wild child

bands, boys, and coin image photography, vintage, and camera image 80s, 90s, and aesthetic image city, sunset, and sky image
sarcastic, creative, witty, my partner in crime

veronica - smartie pants

book image fashion, outfit, and style image Image by Bollo blue, castle, and disneyland image
intelligent, wise, a child at heart with an old soul

eddie - typical hs guy

goofball, tuesday, and dab image aesthetic, peach, and sport image math competition book image sport and volleyball image
goofy, athletic, caring, incredibly silly 100% of the time

amanda - actress

Temporarily removed accessories, bracelets, and jewelry image teen wolf and teen wolf cast image mask image
gifted, kind, fangirl, the sweetest person you will ever meet

vivi - sunshine

Temporarily removed Image by Shimaa Ashraf flor image aesthetic, clothes, and dress image
easy-going, friendly, extroverted, definitely the most popular bc everyone loves her

monica - girl boss

Temporarily removed act, red, and aesthetic image drama, shakespeare, and quotes image lady, boss, and quotes image
talented, fierce, strongest leader of the group

andrew - troy bolton

love, couple, and hands image boys, dirty, and football image arm, bottle, and cool image Brushes and painting image
loyal, athletic, creative, the funniest guy in the room

emily - vsco girl

flowers, girl, and daisy image best friends, food, and friendship image book, study, and college image Image removed
smart, kind, beautiful without even really trying

giselle - rockstar

aesthetic, drums, and music image art, heart, and protect image fashion, style, and outfit image Temporarily removed
drummer, intelligent, future starving artist

bella - vegan

sunflower, summer, and yellow image bag, eco-friendly, and go green image accessories, fashion, and inspiration image dogs, glasses, and puppy image
environmentalist, gorgeous, always looking to help others

claudia - old soul

acrylic, art, and art journal image drawing, grainy, and inspiration image aesthetic, dimples, and girl image Image removed
wise, gentle, amazing listener with the best advice

barbara - athlete

Temporarily removed feminine, football, and soccer image etsy, country western, and country decor image stetson hat, first rodeo jacket, and this ain't my image
smart, funny, everyone's buddy or pal

isa - funky vibes

animal crossing, nintendo, and sanrio image Mature image flowers, pink, and nature image aesthetic, alternative, and art image
curious, imaginative, absolutely hilarious, my name twin lol

jonathan - king

school, quotes, and meme image why, text, and quotes image aesthetic, Marvel, and spiderman image protest, climate change, and climate image
inquisitive, intelligent, basically that guy that's super smart and cool at the same time

nicole - art h*e

Image removed art, aesthetic, and hands image art, hands, and paint image flowers, art, and aesthetic image
artistic, passionate, loving, GEMINI, best music taste

lena - soft girl

grapes, fruit, and aesthetic image cartoon, aesthetic, and green image city, purple, and light image art, green, and paint image
soft, artsy, absolutely stunning, the caring mother of the group

olivia - future president

fashion, art, and lipstick image beautiful, college, and ideas image charles, creative, and ideas image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
intelligent, dedicated, talented as hell in everything she does