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I guess I just wasn't what she wanted me to be.

I like to look at the stars. They can take your pain if you want. And as soon as the sun rises, all sorrows will melt.

- But how to listen if you're in school all the time are silent?
- It's probably because I have nothing really important to say.

Where's your sense of adventure, Сal?

Ice cream always makes you feel better.

Who cares if you're silent or not. Don't talk if you don't want to. Watch.

What a people! They all need to relax. And try to live a little!

You're the first person I've ever felt beautiful with.

And when you have nothing to lose, it's easier to leave.

When you look at the stars, everything seems unimportant.

Remorse is like a wild beast, a monster that tears your heart with its claws and pours salt on your wounds when you try your best to make them heal