okey, so I have tried finding songs that maybe aren't that famous, hopefully you will find some you like. :)


arcade - duncan laurence

the netherlands, duncan laurence, and arcade image aesthetic, alternative, and arcade image
all i know, loving you is a losing game.


banana pancakes - jake johnson

Image removed Image by Aspiryna
can't you see that it's just raining, there ain’t no need to go outside


calm after the storm - the common linets

Temporarily removed music, Lyrics, and calm after the storm image
i could say i'm sorry, but i don't wanna lie


down by the river - milky chance

boy, river, and nature image milky chance and clemens rehbein image
i was drawn by your grace, into depths of oblivion and to the lovers place


emmylou - first aid kit

First Aid Kit and sisters image Temporarily removed
i'm not asking much of you, just sing, little darling, sing with me


falling slowly - steve kazee, cristin milioti (once: the musical)

broadway, guitar, and hipster image once, glen hansard, and markéta irglová image
i don´t know you, but i want you all the more for that.


goodbye to yesterday - elina born & stig rästa

Image removed about, awesome, and body image
i didn't want to wake you up, my love was never gonna be enough, so I took my things and got out of your way now girl


howling - RY X

wolf, animal, and snow image berlin image
cold, i fell into your skin, on the night you led me under your sin, you had me howling


i lived - onerepublic

travel, nature, and adventure image onerepublic and ryan tedder image
i saw so many places, the things that i did, with every broken bone, i swear i lived


just a kiss - lady antebellum

beach and lady antebellum image love, kiss, and couple image
be the one i've been waiting for my whole life, so baby i'm alright, with just a kiss goodnight


keep the wolves away - uncle lucius

Image by Kayla baby, family, and child image
safety and shelter for kids and a wife, given little of his soul every day. making over time to keep the wolves away.


listen to the man - george ezra

Image removed Image removed
i feel your head restin' heavy on your single bed, i want to hear all about it, get it all of your chest


meet me in the hallway - harry styles

Temporarily removed Harry Styles image
just let me know, i'll be at the door, at the door, hoping you'll come around


not in that way - sam smith

Image removed sam smith image
you'd say i'm sorry, believe me, i love you, but not in that way


over and over again - nathan sykes

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
from the way you smile, to the way you look, you capture me unlike no other


peer pressure - james bay & julia michaels

james bay image julia michaels image
put your hands on my body just like you think you know me, want your heart beating on me, don’t leave me hot and lonely


queen - shawn mendes

crown, diamonds, and princess image shawn mendes image
you ain't the ruler of no country, who made you the queen?


real estate - adam melchor

couple, love, and kiss image love, couple, and black and white image
i don't wanna hesitate, i would bet the house on you


strip - little mix feat. sharaya j

Image removed little mix, jesy nelson, and perrie edwards image
take off all my make-up ’cause i love what's under it


tonight - lykke li

lykke li, skam, and tonight image girls, sad girl, and indie image
watch my back so i'll make sure, you're right behind me as before


unsteady - x ambassadors

Image removed movie, emilia clarke, and sam clafflin image
mother, i know that you're tired of being alone, dad, i know you're trying to fight when you feel like flying


vera - jung

love, beautiful, and wedding image Dream, wake up, and you image
it's hard for me to remember how it was before and know i'm yours forever, i stand by my word


walk with me - måns zelmerlöw & dotter

handsome, mans zelmerlow, and mzw image away, back, and behind image
i'm a million miles away from who i wanna be, don't give up on me


xanny - billie eilish

Abusive image billie eilish and singer image
what is it about them? i must be missing something, they just keep doing nothing


you & i (nobody in the world) - john legend

john legend and chrissy teigen image Image by FranciscaCosta
out of all the girls, you my one and only girl, ain't nobody in the world tonight


zero - imagine dragons

indie, music, and pop image movie and ralph breaks the internet image
let me tell you what it's like to be a zero, zero, let me show you what it's like to always feel, feel, like I'm empty and there's nothing really real, real, i'm looking for a way out

this was my little a-z playlist! hope you enjoyed it!