NAME :Thalia Mikaelson
Alias :Lia,youngest Mikaelson,little sister,female version of Klaus.
Age :1000+
Transformation :in the autumn of 1001 with the help of her mother
Birthday:before the 990 A.D
Birthplace:Mystic Falls


teen wolf, holland roden, and lydia martin image teen wolf, holland roden, and lydia martin image
strawberry blonde hair and green eyes


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heretic:vampire and witch


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a young female version of Klaus but softer


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Mikael Mikaelson:father
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Esther Mikaelson:mother
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Freya Mikaelson:older sister
The Originals and finn mikaelson image quotes, brother, and family image
Finn Mikaelson:older brother
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Eilijah Mikaelson:older brother
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Niklaus Mikaelson:older brother
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Kol Mikaelson;older brother
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Rebekah Mikaelson:older sister
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Hayley Marshall and Hope Mikaelson:sister in law and niece


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Marcell,Davina and Cami


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she have a necklace that protects her from the sun,vampire powers any kind of magic especially dark magic and necromancie


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spells,piano and tease her sibilings


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Tristan de Martell:first love,they met thanks to Lucien long long time ago and she was the one who turned him.
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Stefan Salvatore:they met in 1912 and they have been together till 1920,when Thalia left him she compelled him to be fotgotten even if she really loved him
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Damon Salvatore:they met around 1980 in NewYork,for Thalia was just sex but Damon fell in love with her and she compelled him to.
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Jeremy Gilbert:she met the little Gilbert when she came back to Mystic Falls to find Elena before her sibilings,under the name of Lia Marky.She fell in love with Jeremy because he was sweet and caring and she never had that before from a partner,but after he killed Kol and he died she went back to New Orleans with her sibilings.After she survived at the death of Klaus and Eilijah she met Jeremy again.In the end they married and she miraculously pregnant of two boys:Eilijah and Klaus Gilbert in honor of her older brothers.