Okay, so here are a few of my unpopular opinions, pls don't kill me it's just what I think.

Lisa is not the best dancer of the third generation

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Obviously Lisa is a very talented dancer and she slays every performance, but claiming that she's "the best dancer of the third generation" is a very ignorant thing to say when there are so many other great dancers out there. To name a few : Momo, Seulgi, Chungha and Seungyeon. (But there are many more of course)

Bighit should debut a girlgroup

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So, of course the whole thing with Glam sucked and I understand that Bighit is now a bit careful with female idols, but never debuting female idols again because of that one incident is just stupid. I mean look at the success of BTS, if Bighit released a girlgroup they would storm the charts, it's just a stupid decision not to accept female trainees.

(For everyone who isn't familiar with the Glam incident: Basically bighit had a girlgroup called Glam once, but then a member got involved in a scandal about her blackmailing an actor. She went to jail and the group had to disband)

Ailee is the best vocalist

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Y'all can say what you want about your faves, Ailee is and stays the best vocalist in the Kpop industry. Her vocal range is simply incredible, and she never uses the strain technique which can damage your voice. So she has an amazing voice AND knows how to use it.

Blaming JYP for the Mina - Situation is stupid

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For everyone who doesn't know, Mina is not participating in Twice's current world tour due to sudden anxiety and insecurity towards performing.
I saw a lot of people blaiming JYP for her condition and saying that it's his fault for overworking his idols and not caring about their health.
But the thing is, we have no idea what actually happened. Of course, maybe JYP didn't listen to Mina, but it is more probable that Mina didn't tell anyone about her health, and tried to deal with it on her own. Maybe JYP even offered her help or a break but she declined. We don't know. So please don't jump on the bandwagon of hating JYP.

JYP is the best company out of the big three

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Which brings us to the next opinion : JYP is the best company.
He is NOT overworking his idols. I mean, obviously they get a lot of comebacks etc., but they get a break after every comeback, and if they are actually overworked he listens to their health conditions and acts accordingly.
Like the Mina-Situation. Or when Dahyun was sick and didn't perform with them.
Also he treats his girlgroups and boygroups the same.

Jennie is NOT lazy

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Yes, there was a time when Jennie performed with less energy than the other members, there's no way of denying that.
But it was the same time when she released her Solo, so she must've been very exhausted. Also, Jennie isn't a very stable person, she gets sick often and we've seen her struggle on stage multiple times (Shoppee philipines).
So instead of hating on her, saying she should go solo and leave blackpink, and becoming OT3, we should send love and help her through her hard times.
I mean, it must be so hurtful to see so many hateful comments towards you when you are already struggling?
But I think part of the problem is that YG markets Jennie as the "bad bitch" of Blackpink. If Rosé lacked energy, she would've gotten more understanding comments.

Mamamoo is the most talented group

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Mamamoo eats CDs for breakfast, their vocals are out of this world. Even their MR removed videos sound like their studio versions.
Every single one of these women has a powerful and incredible voice.

Aegyo is cringey

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I hate aegyo. It's cringey af and seems so unnatural most of the time. (The only person who can do aegyo without being cringey is Sana, thanks for coming to my Ted talk)

Shipping Idols of different groups sucks

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I really hate ships of idols who are in different groups. Everytime I see a Lizkook edit or something like that a piece of me dies.
It must be so hurtful and annoying to be an idol and seeing yourself be shipped with someone just because you looked at them for 0.5 seconds at some show event.
(Exception is obviously when they are ACTUALLY dating, like Hyuna and Edawn or Kai and Jennie)

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