Hi, Alice here!

As many of you may know I love Yves Rocher. This brand was perfect for my skin, did the most good. But as soon as they changed their composition in Sebo Vegetal something bad started happening to my skin. It was dry, red and at some parts of my face I could peel it off. I had it on my nose, jawline, corners of my mouth and my neck. The last one was painful a lot. I saw the dermatologist and she gave me an ointment that helped me and after a few weeks, the problem was gone. I was happy. Not for so long, unfortunately. All of it started again. So I started looking through my cosmetics. I'd never thought it might be Yves Rocher that will do this much harm to my skin. After my mom used my gel, her face was red and swollen. It was the time I knew I can't use this brand anymore.
Today, my skin looks much better. It's still a bit dry, but I can stand this. I'm going to see my dermatologist one more time, so I know better how to deal with such a problem and how to heal it quicker.
I'm telling you what happened to me, so you'll be careful. None of us wants our faces to be burnt. You know your skin best, so pay attention to what is happening with it. Especially, when it's something new, always check before using it on your whole face. That's my advice.

That's all for today, ladies. I hope you're having a wonderful time during this hot summer! โ˜บ

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