This is an article i wrote to help people heal from within.

I sat with my anger long enough, until she told me her real name was grief.
Anger stays within us,
forcing us to carry a dark,
stickiness within our souls
in place of the light and love
we are created from.
If we do not recognize this anger,
if we do not sit with it long enough
to see what it is shielding,
what is behind that mask,
we are forever missing a piece of our soul.
Through soul retrieval,
we sit with that anger,
we uncover the hurt,
the sorrow,
the grief,
the wound that we’ve yet to heal
and allow to feel true love
for the very first time.
We fill that wound,
that soul part that we left behind,
with light and love,
healing it,
forgiving it,
and forgiving our self,
for preventing us to live
and experience our life with
our complete soul.
We heal,
when we give our soul love and light,
and at last,
we are whole. ©2019.aarianna.tia