About me;

Name: Sama
Age: 16, May 17th 2003.
From: Second generation immigrant from Iraq and kuwait. Born and raised in Sweden.
Religion: Islam

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Sama is an Arabic girl name it means "sky" it's extremely unique and only given to the most attractive arabian beauties.
— Urban Dictionatary


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me and my hogwarts oc from my other article have similar appearance. the long black hair, brown shaped eyes and short and skinny. ive also included my resting bitch face.


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independent, resourceful, bitchy, realistic.

Clothing style:

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lots of flowy pants in the summers, blouses everywhere. colder weather contains cardigans and jeans with a cute shirt.

Zodiac sign:

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Hogwarts house:

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Mbti type:

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harry potter series, book #4 is my favourite and also more than this.


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mean girls and the breakfast club


city, view, and bed image friends, monica geller, and f.r.i.e.n.d.s image once upon a time and storybrooke image 100, aesthetic, and netflix image
gossip girl, friends, once upon a time, the 100


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neutrals, black and grey.


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chicken(any type)and rice.


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playing the pian, even though i genuinely suck

Biggest accomplishment:

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getting a in french and history