Okay, so I already did one of these, and it was so much fun, so I thought "why not do 50 more?"

Part 1

Like in the first part, I'm gonna write the question/title of the quiz, then what I got, and my opinion on the result in the caption. Enjoy :)

1. Which animal describes your personality?

I got : Dog

aussie, baby, and dog image dog safety car harness image
This is a great result, dogs are awesome

2. Would you survive the Purge?

I got : You'd survive

the purge, scary, and movie image the purge image
Haha that was unexpected tbh

3. Can we guess your hair color?

I got : Brown

blonde, fashion, and girl image hair image
Correct, I've got some color between light brown and dark blonde

4. If you were a character in the lion king, who would you be?

I got : Nala

disney image disney, wallpaper, and simba image
That's what I would've picked too

5. Can we guess your male celebrity crush?

I got : Zac Efron

zac efron, Hot, and sexy image Image removed
Absolutely not

6. Which Kpop group should you have debuted in?

I got : Blackpink

Image removed Image by Say Buenaventura
I'm 100% convinced I just got this result because I once picked Chanel as an answer in the quiz

7. Spend a day at a mall and we'll tell you if you're an old soul or a young heart

I got : You're an old soul

soul, young, and old image blue, calm, and dark image
That's what my family told me as well

8. Which Disney villain matches your personality?

I got : Ursula

Mature image Image by eliasse
Haha I'm okay with that

9. Shop at Sephora and we'll tell you which Red Velvet member you are

I got : Seulgi

Image removed
Yes I'm a dancing queen

10. What is your spirit animal?

I got : Sloth

Image by 🧚‍♀️кαу 🧜‍♀️ animal, cute, and sloth image
I mean, where's the lie?

11. We can tell how much % gay you are by what you put on this playlist

I got : You are, without a doubt, 100% gay

color, colors, and gay pride image pride, lgbt, and gay image
Jokes on you Buzzfeed, I'm not

12. We're fairly sure we can guess your height with this quiz

I got : 6'1"

rose, blackpink, and park chaeyoung image Temporarily removed
You couldn't be more wrong, I'm 5'6"

13. Which Studio Ghibli movie are you?

I got : Princess Mononoke

princess mononoke image aesthetic, anime, and studio image
This actually boosted my confidence

14. Cover a hydro flask in stickers and we'll tell you which Gilmore Girls guy you belong with

I got : Dean

Image removed gif, gilmore girls, and dean forester image
Yay Sam Winchester

15. What kind of toast are you?

I got : Toast with jelly

bread, delicious, and jam image food, breakfast, and toast image
I really, really don't know what to do with this information

16. Which Kpop group are you the most like?

I got : Twice

momo, sana, and jeongyeon image twice, chaeyoung, and son chaeyoung image
Yeeees my ults

17. Create you very own song to see if it will be a bop or a flop

I got : You created a musical masterpiece

Image removed Temporarily removed
Call me Mozart

18. Build a sundae and we'll tell you which concert to attend

I got : Hozier

alternative, alternative music, and andrew image alternative, andrew, and artist image
I literally know one song of him, so probably not

19. We know who your Red Velvet bias is based on your favourite kpop idols

I got : Wendy

aesthetic, icon, and wendy image wendy and red velvet image
Completely false, I like Wendy the least out of Red Velvet (my bias is Joy)

20. Which Make-Up tool matches your personality the best?

I got : Concealer

how to apply concealer and how to choose concealer image Temporarily removed
Really? This is the most passive agressively insult I've ever got

21. Which Kpop Visual are you?

I got : Doyeon

Image removed art, crush, and icon image
Ugh I can only dream

22. Which annyoing person are you in the coffeeshop?

I got : The broke freelancer

books, cappuccino, and coffee image study, school, and college image
Well the broke part is true

23. This quiz will reveal which '00 Disney channel show you are

I got : Kim possible

cartoon, aesthetic, and kim possible image call me, cartoon, and couple image
These quizzes are very good for my confidence, I should take them more often

24. We know what type of pillow you are from how you brush your teeth

I got : White pillow

Image by tumblr🌴 Temporarily removed
Again, Buzzfeed honey, what am I supposed to do with this information?

25. Can we guess your eyecolor based on the cartoon character you chose?

I got : Gray

eyes, glitter, and beauty image eye, eyes, and grey image
Well I have blue eyes but they sometimes look a little greyish so, fair enough

26. Plan a vacation and we'll tell you what drink you are

I got : Lemonade

lemonade, summer, and drink image Image by 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐬.
I love lemonade

27. Which SM Station song matches your personality?

I got : Dear diary by Yeri

aesthetic, icon, and kpop image red velvet, yeri, and kim yerim image
Yess, my beautiful bias wrecker

28. Which color should you dye your hair based on your favourite TV show characters?

I got : Pink

hair, pink, and hairstyle image hair, hairstyle, and pink image
I actually like the idea, maybe some day

29. The clothes you pick will reveal which celebrity you stan

I got : Beyoncé

beyoncé image béyonce image
I mean yeah, how could you not stan Queen Bey?

30. Plan your dream vacation for a TV recommandation

I got : Lucifer

Image removed lucifer, twitter, and tom ellis image
I watched a few seasons

31. Which anime icon is your kindred spirit?

I got : Totoro

totoro and anime image totoro, anime, and ghibli image
If Totoro is my kindred spirit I must be an awesome person

32. Which Kardashian are you?

I got : Kendall

beautiful, celebrity, and eyes image kendall jenner and model image
I don't even know why I took that quiz, I couldn't care less about the result

33. Pick some nail art and we'll tell you which Disney princess you are

I got : Merida

brave, merida, and disney image Temporarily removed
In my last Buzzfeed quiz article I got Merida as well

34. Which Loona member is your sun sign?

I got : Chuu

chuu and loona image icon, loona, and 이달의 소녀 image
Yay my bias :D

35. Plan a wedding and we'll reveal where you should go on your honeymoon

I got : Greece

summer, travel, and pool image crete, Greece, and travel image
I might actually go there

36. Can we guess which country you are from based on how you respond to these texts?

I got : New Zealand

explore, new zealand, and travel image northern lights, photography, and aurora image
I think they couldn't have guessed a place farer away than my actual country

37. Tell us your typical morning routine and we'll tell you which modern family character you are

I got : Claire

gif, modern family, and Claire image Temporarily removed
Surprised but not disappointed

38. Which fruit are you?

I got : Grape

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I love grapes!

39. Which Mamamoo member are you destined to be with?

I got : Moonbyul

mamamoo and moonbyul image 문별, fantaken, and mamamoo image
Moonbyul could punch me in the face and I'd say thank you

40. This quiz will reveal what your name should have been

I got : Blake

fashion, heels, and shoes image icon, korean, and girl image
Pretty name but it doesn't fit me at all

41. Which Taylor swift single are you based on the items you get from urban outfitters?

I got : The archer

taylor image Image removed
I have never heard of that song before

42. We can guess your zodiac sign with these food related questions

I got : Taurus

taurus, zodiac, and astrology image zodiac, astrology, and virgo image
They got that right!! I was actually a bit creeped out

43. Which Itzy member are you?

I got : Lia

lia and itzy image lia and itzy image
I guess my personality actually fits her the best

44. Everyone's haunted by a ghost, here's yours

I got : Ghost dinosaur

Image by ♛ᴋɪɴɢ♛ art, dinosaur, and green image
Buzzfeed? Honey? What the actual fuck?

45. The sims house you design will reveal where you sould live

I got : The suburbs

gaming, sims 4, and sims4 image Image removed
Okay why not

46. Which Tokyo ghoul character are you?

I got : Ayato Kirishima

tokyo ghoul, ayato kirishima, and anime image tokyo ghoul, ayato, and anime image
Not my first choice but it's fine

47. This movie character quiz will reveal what tattoo you should get with 100% accuracy

I got : Inspirational tattoo

tattoo and girl image anxiety, awareness, and black image
Hell no

48. What character from "The society" are you?

I got : Helena

Image removed aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image
She's cool, I'm happy with that result

49. We'll give you a name for your firstbron child based on the dream vacation you create

I got : Archer

firework, fireworks, and fun image Temporarily removed
Nah, I don't like that name (sorry to every Archer who's reading this)

50. Which anime girl is your one true love?

I got : Kyouko Kirigiri

anime, danganronpa, and kirigiri kyouko image Temporarily removed
Sorry Kyouko, my heart belongs to Celestia

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