explaining you the bf of my dreams because i'm bored.

✯ she's powerful ✯

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she has only good vibes, she cares about empowerment, she doesn't judge people, she gives really useful advices.

✯ she likes relax ✯

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she must absolutely prefer chill than have arguments.

✯ she's my safe place ✯

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she is okay with listening me talking for hours about my childhood traumas and all the saddest things that i think and she just looking at me can give me solace.

✯ she eats junk food with me ✯

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i need someone in my life that doesn't give a fuck about eating unhealthy food whenever i want to.

✯she spends time outside with me ✯

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she's not a house person, she like to hang out and move.

✯ she needs to be dope ✯

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we smoke together whenever we want to.

✯ she has sweet eyes ✯

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i don't like people that make me feeling judged when they look at me, so she must have a smiling and soft eyes.

✯ we dress combined ✯

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just because we have similar taste, not because we bought the same clothes intentionally.

✯ she's the cause of my euphoria ✯

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she makes me feel loved, but she also give me lot of energy and will to live.

hope you enjoyed❤︎