Hey everyone, the other day I saw this TAG and I find it very cool, so I'm doing it. Hope you like it! Here is my inspiration:

↬ season

city, autumn, and street image autumn, fall, and pumpkin image
fall, all the way. It's so warm and cozy and beautiful. 🌻

↬ moment

céu and anoitecer image Temporarily removed
dusk, nightfall or whatever you call it, but when night's almost here but not yet. So peaceful! 🌻

↬ place

Temporarily removed bedroom, room, and van gogh image
my bedroom. My favorite place on Earth! 🌻

↬ book

book, box, and gryffindor image Image removed
Harry Potter, always. 🌻

↬ animal

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
wolf! 🌻

↬ song

Temporarily removed the greatest showman image
i always say that 'I see fire' by Ed Sheeran is my favorite song (next to some others). I would be that one and many more, but right now in this moment I'm obsessed by every song from 'The Greatest Showman', ecspecially 'Never enough' and 'This is me'. 🌻

↬ fictional character

robert downey jr, iron man, and tony stark image Abusive image
Tony Stark or Remus Lupin, my favorites. I'd probably be some of my favorite tv show characters for example Dean Winchester. 🌻

↬ disney princess

beauty and the beast image disney, beauty and the beast, and belle image
Belle, because she is so cute and she loves books! 🌻

↬ color

dreaming, neon, and pink image yellow, planet, and saturn image
yellow, such a happy color. 🌻

↬ activity

book, candle, and autumn image books, inspiration, and photography image
reading, reading, reading! 🌻

↬ movie

flowers, cottage, and nature image harry potter, emma watson, and hermione granger image
i would be sooo sooo sooo many of them, i love movies, Harry Potter and Hobbit are one of them. 🌻

↬ object

records, retro, and vinyls image Temporarily removed
record player, because i love music with my whole heart. 🌻

That's it folks, hope you liked it! See you soon. 🌻💛