Day 3 of 30 days challenge! Let's start!

6 things that makes me happy

  • My doggie Roxxy she is a German shepherd. She is a bit stupid but she's very playful, she goes crazy with the sea and she likes the cuddles
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dog, cute, and animal image
  • My friends and the moments I'm with them. They make me happy with their way and they are here when I need them
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girl, friends, and summer image
  • My family is very supportive and I'm thankful for that. I have 2 younger brothers and they actually trying to do my life hell.
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  • Working out, I'm trying to be okay with my body and that means to be healthy and have the body I want to fell comfortable
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workout image
  • Cooking, I don't really know how to cook but trying to learn I'm going to live alone in a house in 2 months cause of studies so need to learn asap.
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  • Tv series, I feel like I'm part of them. And all the emotions I feel. Just love watching TV series
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that was day 3 of 30 days writing challenge!
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