Hi, again:) Since you seemed to enjoy my article on aesthetic movies I decided to write one on aesthetic tv shows. Hope you like it!


friends, pizza, and tv show image friends, 90s, and monica image Image removed 90s, alternative, and chandler bing image

Everything Sucks

90s, netflix, and everything sucks image netflix, everything sucks, and peyton kennedy image netflix, everything sucks, and jahi winston image everything sucks and quotes image

The End Of The F*cking World

Image by tenderlygirl james, Alyssa, and teotfw image teotfw, Alyssa, and james image netflix, james, and Alyssa image


Abusive image couple, emma stone, and funny image
emma stone, actress, and blonde image drug, emma stone, and pills image

Stranger Things

Image removed gif, season 3, and netflix image stranger things, winona ryder, and lights image stranger things, quotes, and mike image

let me know if you have any other suggestions and here's my article on aesthetic movies if you feel like checking it out

Bye guys, will be back soon :))