So, I saw a lot of people doing this and it looked fun, so I decided to give it a try. :)

I'm gonna write the question / title of the quiz, my result, and in the caption my opinion on the result. Enjoy :)

1. Buy 6 lush products and we'll reveal in which city you truly belong

I got : Sydney

australia, beautiful, and city image australia, Sydney, and travel image
I love Sydney, it's a beautifzl city, but due to my immense Arachnophobia I'll probably never visit Australia

2 . Pick some clothes and we'll give you something to put in your room

I got : Clothing rack

dress, http:, and clothes image fashion, chloe, and clothes image
Cute idea but I really don't know where I could put this

3. Which Zodiac sign is the most compatible with you based on the house you design?

I got : Air signs (Libra, Gemini and Aquarius)

aquarius, astrology, and air sign image air, harmony, and messenger image
Where my air signs at?

4. Everyone's a combination of two Disney villains, which are you?

I got : Hans and Lady Tremaine

disney, frozen, and hans image Mature image
There are so cool villains out there and I ended up getting these two? Kinda disappointed tbh

5. Buy 9 VSCO girl things and we'll reveal your first name

I got : Olivia

loona, olivia hye, and kpop image loona, kpop, and preview image
Nope, not at all. It's a pretty name tho

6. Pick a bunch of plants and we'll tell you which Spongebob character you are

I got : Gary

Temporarily removed love, spongebob, and gary image
Okay so I'm a snail that meows? Iconic.

7. Make a snow white live action remake and we'll tell you which dwarf you are

I got : Sneezy

wallpaper, disney, and dwarf image disney and snow white image
I don't really have anything to say to this XD

8. Which Stranger Things character are you?

I got : Dustin

boys, dustin, and friendship image stranger things image

9. Which (G)I-DLE member are you?

I got : Soyeon

soyeon and gidle image soyeon and gidle image
Ugh, yes, we stan a talented queen

10. This quiz will reveal if you'll survive a horror movie or not

I got : You'll die

black, cartoon, and horror image eerie, floor, and horror image
Great news everyone, you won't have to deal with my shitty articles anymore

11. Your Disney preferences will reveal your favourite color

I got : Pink

aesthetic, header, and kpop image flowers, rose, and pink image

12. Recast Riverdale with older actors and we'll accuratly guess your favourite color

I got : Orange

fruit, food, and orange image flowers, inspiration, and orange image
Still wrong

13. What's your souls true color?

I got : Green

botanical, green, and leaf image Temporarily removed
Yes, finally

14. Which badass anime character are you like

I got : Mikasa Ackermann

tumblr post, mikasa ackerman, and attack on titan image anime, shingeki no kyojin, and sad image
Yeees, you don't know how happy this made me

15. Invite some celebrities to a dinner party and we'll tell you what dish to serve

I got : Mac and Cheese

food, fries, and cheese image cooking, delicious, and dinner image
I'm okay with that dish, what's more important : I got to invite Namjoon and Jimin

16. Which Batman villain are you?

I got : The Joker

aesthetic, DC, and gif image batman, joker, and portrait image
In my heart I hoped for the Penguin or the Riddler, but I'm okay with the Joker too

17. Which Batman villain are you actually?

I got : Two-Faced

art, arte, and artist image batman, DC, and harvey dent image
Yes, I did another quiz in the hope of getting Penguin or Riddler

18. Which BTS member are you?

I got : J-Hope

bts, jhope, and hoseok image jin, v, and tae image
Yeees, my bias wrecker

19. We know which Twice member you are based on the playlist you make

I got : Jihyo

aesthetic, icon, and kpop image kpop, twice, and jihyo image
Yay, my bias wrecker again

20. Which American Horror Story character are you?

I got : Spalding

Temporarily removed coven, ahs, and spalding image
NO NO NO! This is unacceptable! I'm just gonna pretend I never took this quiz

21. Which Disney princess are you based on your pinterest aesthetics?

I got : Merida

brave, merida, and disney image disney, merida, and brave image
I love her hair omg

22. Which dog breed are you based on your favourite Disney characters?

I got : Shiba Inu

dog, shiba inu, and smile image dog, aesthetic, and animal image
I remember, when I was like 11 and got my first Nintendogs, I would always get Shiba Inus, so I'm genuinly happy with this result :)

23. Which hot male anime character will you end up marrying?

I got : Levi

anime, gif, and handsome image levi, shingeki no kyojin, and attack on titan image

24. Which spongebob quote matches your life the best?

I got : "Goodbye everyone, I'll remember you all in therapy" - Plankton

spongebob, funny, and plankton image animation, meme, and purple image
Haha accurate

25. We know which Blackpink member you are based on the songs you pick

I got : Rosé

Image removed Image removed
Ugh, I wish

26. Which Powerpuff girl are you based on the kingdom you build?

I got : Bubbles

Image by Karla Lira Temporarily removed
This is so funny to me bc the first picture is actually my phone background XD

27. Which Melanie Martinez song are you?

I got : Pity Party

melanie martinez, pity party, and cry baby image melanie martinez, pity party, and cry baby image
Not my favourite song of hers, but I like it

28. Which Marina song are you?

I got : How to be a heartbreaker

marina and the diamonds and how to be a heartbreaker image boys and marina image
A bop, we stan

29. The answers to these "would you rather" questions will reveal what you were in your past life

I got : An inventor

news, scientist, and world news image chemistry, science, and colors image
Doubt it, I'm not creative

30. Design a house and we'll tell you which the Simpsons character you are

I got : Marge Simpson

wallpaper image money, marge, and simpsons image
I love Marge! Believe it or not, I even have a Marge Wig!

31. Which Orange is the new black character are you?

I got : Nicky

oitnb, orange is the new black, and nicky nichols image natasha lyonne, orange is the new black, and oitnb image
I love her, such a cutie

32. Can you make it out of Litchfield with a happy ending?

I got : No

oitnb image orange is the new black, oitnb, and alex image
Uh oh

33. Which BTS song are you?

I got : Dope

Temporarily removed army, fondo, and bts image
Hell yes

34. Which Netflix show are you?

I got : Anne with an E

anne with an e, anne shirley, and shirbert image netflix and anne with an e image
Haven't seen it yet but it's on my watchlist

35. Which Harry Potter character are you?

I got : Harry Potter

harry potter, hp, and book image harry potter, daniel radcliffe, and hogwarts image
Is it weird that I'm a little bit disappointed?

36. We'll magically sort you into your Hogwarts house based on the ice cream you pick

I got : Ravenclaw

Temporarily removed blue, harry potter, and ravenclaw image
Haha that's actually my house!

37. If you're life were a studio Ghibli movie what would it be ?

I got : Kiki's delivery service

kiki, kiki's delivery service, and anime image kiki, kikis delivery service, and studio ghibli image
It's been a while since I watched that movie

38. Which Death note character are you?

I got : _L_

L, death note, and anime image death note, L, and manga image
Yes yes yes my all time favourite!

39. Which Pokémon are you based on random preferences?

I got : Lucario

anime, gif, and pikachu image pokemon and lucario image
Tbh I never heard of that Pokémon before

40. Tell us your pet peeves and we'll guess which celebrity you hate

I got : Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift, Reputation, and polaroid image Taylor Swift image
Well I wouldn't stay I hate her, but i definitly don't like her

41. Which Avenger are you based on the BTS song you pick?

I got : Spider man

Avengers, Marvel, and spiderman image peter parker image

42. Which DIsney creature are you most like?

I got : Abu

aladdin image disney and abu image
He's cute, I'm okay with that

43. Recast Game of thrones and we'll tell you which character you are

I got : Cersei Lannister

Image by Kristin Engel cersei lannister, game of thrones, and lena headey image
Ehm, okay

44. What would your Game of Thrones name be?

I got : Cersei

cersei lannister image got, game of throne, and cersei image
Really? Again? This is kind of worrying....

45. Which Attack on Titan character are you?

I got : Zoe Hanji

hanji zoé, snk, and attack on titan image Temporarily removed
Ahhh guys, I couldn't be happier! She's my favourite character and I actually do identify with her a little bit

46. Which american Horror Story season are you?

I got : Freak show

freak show image Image removed
Not my favourite, but I like it

47. Which Gilmore Girls character are you?

I got : Lorelai Gilmore

gilmore girls image gilmore girls, Lauren Graham, and lorelai gilmore image
I always thought I was more like Rory

48. Which AHS + Stranger things character are you a combo of?

I got : Lana Winters & Steve Harrington

Image by ângel fandom, steve, and gif image

49. Which Gotham character are you?

I got : Selina Kyle

Inspiring Image on We Heart It bruce wayne, gif, and selina kyle image
She's cool, but I find her annoying

50. What kind of paper are you?

I got : Card stock

business cards, business card printing, and business cards printing image card making, junk journal, and screechowlstudio image

---Well this was more accurate than I thought it would be

------Thanks for reading---------

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