Take care of ourself is one of the most important things, but we often forget it.

Most of us spend so much time on our phones and maybe we don't care about our selves because we are to busy looking at the phone, so here there are some apps for your 'loved mobile phone' for you self care that you can download for free.

1- #SelfCare
This app is very relaxing and help to let anxiety go away.
You are in a room, that will be your escape when you want to isolate, here you will start with a breathing exercise then you can do a lot of others things.
It's very helpful, everyone must try this.

2- Reflectly
This app is a journal where you can write your feelings and how was you day.
This app is perfect for those who want to vent them selves

3- BetterMe
Better me helps you achieve your personal wellness objectives by building and modifying your meal and workout plans.
There are many workout for everyone (even the lazy people) that I like very much and some challenge that I love. You can find many exercise that will help you. You can do all of this at home with out Amy specific tool

4- Aloe Bud
Provides tools for building routines that match your lifestyle
here you will also find helpful reminds for yourself
and much else.
There are many activity like: Hydrate, move, breathe, health, break, rest, fuel, refresh, people, stimulate, motivate.

5- Shine- Self-Care & meditation
Shine helps you treat yourself better and be kinder to yourself. You'll learn to love yourself in every aspect, you'll receive every day a life's lesson with a short meditation moment.

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Self love is first love

That's all, I swear, this apps are really helpful so why don't try them and take care of yourself?!

Love, Lucrezia