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Name: Madison

girl, cindy kimberly, and model image Temporarily removed
Light brown eyes and soft smooth skin and lips with curly long hair.


flowers, vintage, and aesthetic image coffee, drink, and aesthetic image heart, inspiration, and motivation image quotes, love, and tupac image
A very classic and soft-spoken person. A person that doesn't tolerates nonsense. She stays to herself. People come to her for advice. Has a warm loving heart towards others and nature. She sticks with a few friends.


Abusive image Inspiring Image on We Heart It lemon, fruit, and yellow image aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image
Likes going to the beach, rollerskating with friends, picking fruits and going to the skate park


Tom Cruise image quotes, poem, and words image Temporarily removed baby, boyfriend, and couple image

Tom Cruise


Temporarily removed 90s, aesthetic, and asia image fashion, outfit, and girl image Temporarily removed
Casual looking. Mostly jeans and sleeveless tops.
aesthetic, alternative, and classic image 70s, 80s, and 90s image

Date Nights

Temporarily removed jewelry, gold, and aesthetic image makeup, beauty, and aesthetic image style image
Loose clothing, less makeup, a lot of jewelry
luxury, diamonds, and nails image diamonds, jewelry, and necklace image


cat, animal, and aesthetic image
Ginger (female)


study, book, and school image camera and aesthetic image
book, glasses, and writing image


90s mansion image Image by Peter_Pan flowers, photography, and sun image chandelier, aesthetic, and crystal image
Gable Mansion


90s, girl, and grunge image Temporarily removed 90s, album, and beautiful image britney spears album image
listens mostly to japanese pop music, mariah carey and britney spears

TV Shows

the nanny, fran, and old image nanny and fran drescher image Temporarily removed full house and series image
The Nanny and Full House
90s, bye, and christina aguilera image

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