Has your country been cursed with this outraging heatwave?

Do you try to go outside thinking that staying under the shadows you are safe but you are not?

Do you get out of the shower knowing that this fresh feeling ain't going to last that long cause…guess what?! You are starting to sweat again!!!

Well…for me the past 2 weeks got me thinking that I might have booked one ticket to hell!!

The heatwave that we have been experiencing in Europe ain't Healthy or funny anymore.
Just waking up and looking at the weather app was never so frustrating like having 45 degrees.

It ain't easy….it ain't cool….BUT…I gathered some points that can help you survive the grilling wave….

So let's get started!!!!

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Water should be your #1 BFF. Try to keep always 2 bottles of cold water in your fridge. Who wants to drink nasty warm water?! No ONE

Drink a lot of water, and try to keep track of how much you are drinking ….since we are sweating 24h.

Try to avoid plastic bottles (not only because of the environment) because according to a new study, but it has also been proven, that plastic bottles are made out of toxic chemical materials that surprisingly transform into a liquid with massive heat….Terrifying ha!

(The link: https://drgeo.com/plastic-water-bottles-exposed-to-heat-can-be-toxic/)

Therefore I got myself a metal (Disney) bottle that I keep always ready for the go!! Besides metal bottles keeps it cold for a longer time.

Brisky showers
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Us women….love taking 100 degrees showers….and please don’t tell me you don’t hahaha…cause we ALL do. But…this time you need to get out of this Sahara temp and change it to low warm or even cold showers. Why?

Well…It doesn’t only increase your metabolism, which is going to be like a dead plant right in the corner of your house, but also frees up your mind…that is going to be under attack with the massive heat.

Try it…and you will be doing it all the time!

In-shower body lotion
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I had to learn from my own mistakes the hard way.

long story short took a shower, dried myself, started slowly sweating and then to top it off, I put body lotion on….HUGE MISTAKE.

I was like a toffee…I never felt so sticky in my life. The heat made it worse. soo…i got me one of those Gel/ body lotion products…were my body can stay hydrated and soft without getting that nasty sticky feeling that a good body lotion gives you.

I know that it's not the same…. I feel you cause I'm a lotion freak, but it does it job on such hot days.

Did somebody say colors!!
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Avoid ….AVOID….dark colors!!!

Dark colors are known to absorb the heat away faster than light colors.

Try to play around with your favorite pastel colors….you are going to look fabulous no matter what! Winter is going to come somewhen and then you get to go back to your comfy dark colors.

100% Cotton
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Cotton should be your #2 BFF cause polyester can ruin one of those day outs with your friends. Why?!

We all know why! its called the polyester nightmare!! it all starts with moon arches and then after it all dries it changes color and then….it stinks….evening ruined.

so ….keep it simple…keep it cotton! it's going to keep you lightweight and it helps out by allowing the heat to escape faster and your body still can breathe, besides it is cheaper!

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drinking alcohol, sugary drinks or even (tears falling) coffee ain't the wisest idea!

They are known to be of course caloric and increase not only your dehydration levels throughout the day but also your visitation times to the bathroom.

Replace your cravings for these 3 drinks with more fresh made ice teas or lemonades, or maybe spice up your boring cold water with some lime slices and mint leaves.

Sun protection creams
Temporarily removed

There ain't anything to say about how beneficial those creams are, but they do have one side effect: Stickiness!

I googled online for some nonstick sun creams, and I did find some good and cheap ones: https://www.bustle.com/p/the-5-best-non-sticky-sunscreens-17863642
Find the perfect one for your skin tone and type and stay Sticky Free.

Ps: I put my suncream in my makeup bag so I won't forget to apply it once I wanna
leave the house.

Eat Hydrating food
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Like I mentioned above, it is hard sometimes to keep your body hydrated through those hot days, but you can also buy your favorite hydrating fruits and veggies that guarantee you getting a good amount of water…since we all sometimes forget to drink water.

Mid-day scapes are dangerous
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Try avoiding going out between 10 am -04 pm. The sun gets the hottest during this period of time because the sun hits its highest elevation.

If you think you wanna go to the pool at this time, well…good luck recovering from those sunburns that are going to turn out to painful blisters.

Keep it Cool

Don't stress yourself thinking about it, this heatwave is affecting all of us. Eat some popsicles, turn on the fans and watch your favorite Netflix series on the Sofa.

You can do it!!

lol and sleep image
There isn’t any other picture in this world that describes my sleeping habits during this time