This article is just a mood board for the kind of future I dream of having (i.e. job, lifestyle, etc.).

*This is just my imagination, things might not make sense (e.g. salary and type of car/house etc.)


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I've always wanted to be a doctor, and I love kids, so I'd want to be either a pediatrician or a gynecologist <3


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Move back home with the family; living in the capital for most of the year, and staying at our village in the mountains during the summers.


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I'd be living with my family in a big house with open, spacious rooms :D
summer home:
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Matte black g wagon and ivory coloured vw beatle.


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I hope to be strong, compassionate, genuine, confident, kind, & inspiring


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accessories, diamond, and emerald image hijab, abaya, and hijab fashion image dress, fashion, and rose gold image beauty, barbie, and brunette image


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I'd make time for travelling, hanging with friends and family, photography, and learning new things.

Hope you enjoyed!