Omg hey. You clicked on this article. Respect.

So I wrote two articles and apparently people liked them and I was like "Omg, people actively click on the stupid shit I write."

And yeah, so now I'm here like k.

Real talk, I don't even know what to say on this damn article other than I GOT PROBLEMS.



Although, tbh I keep buying fast food and wasting my money and it's highkey pissing me off because FAST FOOD IS BAD AND COLLEGE IS EXPENSIVE AF SO WTF AM I DOING.

Honestly, I don't know why I keep buying fast food. I keep telling myself bruh, get some self control, but the other part of me is like nahhhh we gon get heart disease.

For me, it's the beginning of starting to exercise, the beginning of dieting, the beginning of trying to be healthy in any way and so forth that kills me. Fast food is like a drug to me, I'm addicted, I want to eat it, therefore I shall go and eat it.

I also have an endless amount of excuses with one of them being, I'm not tryna impress nobody.

I also use My 600 Pound Life as an excuse because half of those people have partners and so I'm like well, shit, looks like I got a chance.

Tbh, tho, those are some bullshit excuses. It don't matter if I don't got nobody to impress, why not impress myself, like damn I'm amazing personality wise, why not be amazing physically?

I see all those damn stories about people losing a bunch of weight and I'm here like smh how in the hell did you do that?

My answer? Witchcraft. Brujeria. Other words for witchcraft.

Fast food also costs MONEY. Money that I am supposed to be saving for college. I can't tell you how money I've spent on food, but lord knows it's in the hundreds cuz I'm that bitch.

So if you are reading this and you're straight looking at the world and thinking how the hell do I get healthy, you ain't alone.

However, if you are also like me and are serving a brand of bullshit on why you don't need to change your habits, I highly encourage you to look at your life and see where everything is wrong so you can somehow make it right.

Frankly, I know where I do wrong, but I'm failing at finding the motivation to make things right and I know other people are as well. You're not alone, I'm here preaching my stupid stuff and writing about stupid shit. I always said I would glow up in college, but at the moment, I'm finding that to be a complete lie.

Anyway thanks for reading my article, it's appreciated. Shout to my 53 followers. Damn I'm popular.