Day 05:

What does your character's room look like? Also describe if it has a balcony etc.

city, bedroom, and view image
large veins to appreciate the view (with blinds)
Image by Ксюша Лис
a desk where your laptop is located, some artificial plants and other things to study
Image removed
a comfortable bed with a white line, paid to the wall and to the window with a bedside table
fashion, girl, and style image
(imagine that the bed was in the location that I indicated previously oky) later another larger bedside table with cushions and above her makeup and mirror.
clothes, dogs, and room inspiration image
Then there is the closet (if I know a lot of clothes, she loves clothes as they have no idea XD) (imagine that the girl in the arnario is like the character)
girl, bathroom, and beauty image Image removed
a few steps away is the bathroom