If you are sad, just know it is okay to feel like that everybody is allowed to feel like that, they have that freedom. If you feel like giving up, don't, life gets better, maybe this is rock bottom for you, after this it is all going up hill. My favorite saying is "there is always a bright light at the end of a dark tunnel", because it is true, if you keep hope you'll be proud of yourself after you get through whatever you are going through. Life is not going to be easy but it is okay, it is normal, we battle fights everyday. Every big battle you fight you become stronger. YOU ARE STRONG AND BETTER THAN ANYTHING YOU GO THROUGH. Sadness can come whenever to whomever, if you are sad it is really good to reach out to a friend who will listen or family member or even me, but then again why trust me you don't even know me, but I am a stranger who is friendly, i know how it feels to be alone, i would never wish that upon anybody, it can kill every mood, it can hurt you in every way. So just know you are not alone i am here. You are a star, every star has a reason so please keep on shinning as bright as you can because you bring light into somebodies darkness.