I love all mythology, but it definitely sprouted from Greek/Roman lore. So I did this challenge! My inspiration came from this article:

let's begin!

beautiful, bikini, and cool image beautiful, beauty, and aesthetic image
latrís (lae - triy - z): means lover
Image removed chin, sex, and sweet image angel, beautiful, and beauty image quotes, woman, and aesthetic image
goddess of flirting, seduction and sexual awakening
fashion image dress and style image Temporarily removed girl, beauty, and model image
slender, hourglass figure with soft features
hair color:
blonde, crush, and girl image beauty, brunette, and fashion image
platinum blonde
eye color:
makeup, girl, and beauty image eye, eyebrows, and beauty image
baby blue
dress, red, and fashion image body, glitter, and nail image Temporarily removed rose, bath, and flowers image
aphrodite: goddess of beauty and love
Image by mack Lyrics, blackveilbrides, and heartoffire image Temporarily removed aesthetic and architecture image
ares: god of war
boy, Hot, and eyes image boy, handsome, and suntan image
eros: god of love
Temporarily removed Image by V.
pothos: god of passion and yearning
boys, Hot, and roses image Temporarily removed
himerous: god of sexual desire
bow, luxury lifestyle, and marble image Image removed aesthetics, beautiful, and ethereal image aesthetic, delicate, and goals image Image by Sophia Image by steeples collapsed
gowns, lace, lingerie and babydoll white
nails, quotes, and ego image pink, babe, and power image flirt, red, and black image drinks, flirt, and gold aes image black, fashion, and grunge image love, eyes, and quotes image
take no shit, flirty, empowering, confident, charasmatic, witty, sly, romantic, dreamer, angel in the streets / sinner in the sheets
fashion, style, and gold image gold, necklace, and accessories image adventure, aesthetic, and animals image raposa branca image
gold chains and white foxes
mystic animal friend:
dog, doberman, and black image wolf, animal, and dog image
cerberus, her boyfriend's dog
flowers, girl, and makeup image girl, grunge, and blonde image black, boy, and curly hair image bts, taehyung, and v image
persephone: goddess of spring , selene: goddess of the moon , dionysus: god of wine , orpheus: legendary musician and son of apollo and muse calliope
dog, black, and animal image aesthetic, pomegranate, and hades image death, god, and greek image asian, Dream, and dreaming image boy, model, and Hot image boy, black, and guy image
hades: god of the dead and the underworld, who is a surprisingly loving and attentive boyfriend despite many believing that he kidnapped his good friend persephone (who rebelliously avoids her helicopter mother by crashing at his place every once in a while, since those flower nymphs aren't just her "friends" if you can catch the hint)

I hope you enjoyed reading, and hopefully it inspires others to do this same article!

veni, vidi, amavi