Lets face it, all we want to do is lay around watch tv or play on our phones,but in the summer there are lots of thing to do here are 10 fun things to do in the summer.

#1 build a fort
this one is more for kids but its still really fun lets cut the screens and play around in our new fort.

#2 have a family game night
i love playing board games so this perfect for me,you can invite friends and family to come your game night they can bring a game or snack of there choice.

#3 go on a vacation
vacations are so relaxing and fun, its also good way to cut the screens

#4 do a craft
i love doing crafts i would consider myself a pretty crafty person
crafts are amazing and you get some cool home made things at the end.

#5 join a sports team or some other kind of fun activity
sports are awesome i have been playing soccer since i was three.

#6 bake some treats
mmm i am a total sweet tooth so if your like me i would bake some yummy treats this summer.

#7 Give to others
this one really is heart warming its the small things in life that matter.It doesn't matter how big or how small, there are lots of ways to show love and give even just helping someone up or donating i personally love this one.

#8 Reading books
i love to read, the right book can make you feel like your in a whole entire different world.I hope you can find a book you like.

#9 Draw
i love drawing,i have just recently started anime lessons so take some time and draw some awesome pics.

#10 throw a summer party
last but not least throw a summer party,lets invite some friends and family,go to the pool,do a BBQ,and plays some sports.

We are addicted to screens and its hard to stop but i hope these fun things will help you do less screens everyday. Hope you found some things to do this some and cut the screens.