Don't forget: It's only a matter of time. Try to imagine you in the future remembering this moment that you're passing through now. You, in the future, will probably be well and thinking "It really wasn't a big deal". It's all about point of view. Trust me.

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The first thing to do is accept and respect the end. It's a new step and state of life. You and he/she had, at least, the opportunity of meeting each other. That was the little participation of her/him on your life. Now you need to put things up on their own places. It's not about love anymore, it's about experiences.

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Try to think:

"Okay, he/she is no longer part of my life as before, so it makes no sense to hold on to the feeling of wishing she/he back. It's not fair with me."

Just let It go and be happy with new things. It's not that bad, no one died, nothing changed beyond the fact that you both will follow diferent ways from now. That's It. No one is stuck with anyone and you both know what's going on. You got the right of being free too.

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Even If wasn't you that decided to break up, but, at least, you did your best, you should be proud of being able about the fact that you did your part. You could also try to not hold a grudge and forgive. Then you'll be really freeing yourself of the past. Don't insist on that. In love no one wins and no one loses. Love is like a rope that needs to be held on both sides, if someone drops that rope, no one plays anymore.

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It's complicated, but you'll only get better and over It when you finally do enough to not be sad about It anymore. Avoid listening to sad songs, It's only going to make you wanna cry. Don't think twice about remove of your life all the things that may remind you of him/her. After this, you'll feel much better. I swear. I know that sometimes It's inevitable to not feel any pain, but avoid making things worse. It's a daily work. If you need to cry, cry; but don't forget that you deserve to take care of your soul and put a little bit of hapiness in that body. Do what you love! It's only a matter of time till you get good enough and look to the past without wanting to cry or feeling sad; and when you get over It, you'll know that It's no longer about he/she, It's all about experiences.

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I'm not advising you to let your wound open and pretend It's ok. It's really important, sometimes, to think about what happened. I know that It's a massive time that you waste lots of energy thinking about: who had the fault; why did this happened; what if he/she misses you; where did you gone wrong... As the time passes through, you won't wonder thoses things anymore. Sometimes It's easier If you realise that time can take care of this situation for you, even If you can't understand It really well.

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There's no an answer that can, exactly, tell you when he/she will be out of your mind. Usually these thougts come early in the morning (or whenever you wakes up) and at evening, but with a little time and a lot of encouragement for distractions, It won't be a problem anymore. He/she, for you, will be like a song that's slowly going to the end. The tones will get down in every single second, till you can't listen It anymore. I know It may be a little sad, but you will be able to admit that you had a few of good moments as those that you have on your life to enjoy anytime. You will, naturally, give attention to other things on your life. Look at the moon, It's wonderful! Every beautiful thing is happening around you: puppies are being born, babies are learning to laugh in a cute way... You problably have a lot of reasons to smile again.

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You don't need to to look for anyone else now. It's time to learn how to live with your own company. I'm not advising to be antisocial, but you need some time alone to figure out new things that you love, even self love.

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It's not true that you lost the love of your life. People become and stop being things for us. There are so many people cool out there that you will know... Are you really thinking that boy/girl is the coolest in the world? Hahaha... Trust me, there are more things to exceed your expectations and past experiences. You're going to get a diferent point of view. Remember what I said before? It's a beginning, lady/lad! Now go to give attention to the other things that always were on your life, but you had no time to realise untill just now!

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Thanks, hope you liked It ♡
— F.R.Flor