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The other day I was watching Tangled,

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and, while I was listening to Rapunzel tell Mother Gothel that Eugene may like her, I was like... What?
You only know him for like... ten hours?!
So I thought... It's a Disney movie, it's a cartoon, and in this type of film, the princesses always fall in love in a very short time.

In brief, I've made a ranking.

(feel free to correct me if you think I'm wrong)

How long does it take for princesses to fall in love?

  • Number T E N


I don't specifically know how much her training lasts and the time it takes to find the Huns, but I know that aren't two days. But WEEKS.
So our Mulan takes the major time to fall in love completely.

gif and mulan image
gif and mulan image
  • Number N I N E


Calculating more or less how much time she spends at the Beast's castle, I have supposed that is a time of about five days.

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But I suppose that she starts feeling something for the Beats when he gave her the library.

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  • Number E I G H T

Anna... the second time. We all know that Anna falls in love twice, in the same movie. So this is the time she spends falling in love with Kristoff: TWO days and a half.

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  • Number S E V E N

Rapunzel spends with Eugene the day before her birthday, in which they move from the tower to the city, and her birthday. So, TWO DAYS.

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  • Number S I X

Tiana spends the evening/night working and she met Naveen as a frog. They spend together the rest of the night and the day after, until Mardi Gras day.

disney, princess, and tiana image disney, the Princess and the frog, and princess tiana image disney, tiana, and princess image disney, princess, and tiana image

And then they got married. In a day and a half.

  • Number F I V E

Again Anna. The first time "she fells in love" is with Hans. It takes a half morning + the afternoon + and part of the evening in which, we all know, she demands her sister the blessing to get married.

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  • Number F O U R

Aurora almost takes the bronze medal. Princess Aurora needs only an afternoon to fall in love with prince Philip. Ah, and her dreams.

disney, sleeping beauty, and aurora image disney, sleeping beauty, and princess image
Image by Maxien
  • Number T H R E E

Ariel fells in love almost immediately when she saw prince Eric. I suppose she fells in love in ONE SINGLE NIGHT.

disney, ariel, and princess image
disney, ariel, and the little mermaid image
ariel, beautiful, and black image
  • Number T W O

And the silver medal goes to...
Calculating that she leaves the house at about 8 p.m. (plus the "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo thing) and she MUST leave the ball at midnight, Cinderella needs only four hours to fell in love with Prince Charming.

cinderella and gif image
Inspiring Image on We Heart It cinderella image
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She had taken major time to get dressed and prepared.
  • Number O N E

And the Oscars goes to...



Snow White!

As you already knew - I suppose - Snow White is our winner!
Because she needs only 0.1 seconds to fall in love with Florian, time to open her eyes.

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And remember what our Queen Elsa said:

elsa, disney, and frozen image

I hope you got fun reading this article as much as I loved writing it!
Hope you enjoyed!
See you next time!

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