Name: Sapphire Belrose
Age: 17
Birthday: January 1
Origin: French and Spanish

book, ravenclaw, and feather image blue and aesthetic image birdcage, haiku, and moonlight image aesthetic, blue, and feather image
House: Ravenclaw
aesthetic, blue, and quotes image Image by Fashion blue and aesthetic image quotes, blue, and wonderful image
Personality: Intelligent, Adventurous, Introvert, Odd, Unique
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Appearance: Wavy black hair, turquoise eyes, plump lips, and slim body
Temporarily removed ravenclaw, harry potter, and aesthetic image flowers, monet, and shoes image skirt, black, and style image
Style: She has to use uniform but, she gets to show some of her style through her shoes
animals, cat, and nature image aesthetic, black, and cat image
Patrouns: Black Cat w/ blue eyes
dress, blue, and flowers image hair, hairstyle, and gold image eyes, blue, and beauty image chic, fashion, and style image
Yule ball: She wore a blue dress, she had a natural make up look, black heels, and her hair was pulled back with a gold clip
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Bestfriends: Luna and Ginny
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Love interest: Draco Malofy