Hey :) I found this challenge and decided to write an article about myself


fashion, girl, and style image Temporarily removed fashion, girl, and outfit image butt, high waisted, and legs image girl, grunge, and eyes image karma, necklace, and quotes image
Usually a tight (& cropped) top and jeans (preferably high- waisted) or a skirt. Sometimes a gold or silver necklace with matching earrings or a black choker


shoes, black, and boots image sad, grunge, and sadness image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
adidas, vans, air max 97, puma, sometimes heels or sandals/ timberlands depending on the weather


girl, style, and hair image Temporarily removed plants, green, and grunge image nails and blue image
I keep my clothing style and my room in mostly neutral colours like grey, white & black, but I also really like lavender, green, red and blue.


Temporarily removed dog, pug, and puppy image cat, cute, and animal image snake, animal, and rainbow image Temporarily removed lion, hug, and animal image
hedgehog, dogs, cats, snake, alpaca, lion. I love so many more animals, honestly. But if I could have a pet, it would be a cat


Temporarily removed quotes, death, and sad image v, V PER VENDETTA, and libertà image unhappy, young, and sad image
Pan's Labyrinth, Leon the Professional, V for Vendetta, The Virgin Suicides

TV Shows

lucy hale, pretty little liars, and pll image skin, cassie, and sad image Image removed friends, bitch, and quotes image
Pretty Little Liars, Skins, Dance Academy, Friends


Temporarily removed nutella, food, and pancakes image Temporarily removed food image
Mostly sweet things


Image removed pastel, pink, and aesthetic image girl, black and white, and wine image grunge, hippie, and urban image
milk, tea, white wine, water


lil peep, boy, and tattoo image blue and rose image travis scott, butterfly, and rap image music and young thug image the neighbourhood, band, and the nbhd image ariana grande, mac miller, and maciana image Image removed trance, armin van buuren, and feel image
Lil Peep, Tommy Genesis, Travis Scott, Young Thug, The Neighbourhood, Mac Miller, Chase Atlantic, Armin van Buuren


art, drawing, and draw image aesthetic, girl, and art image Temporarily removed apple, blue, and Brooklyn image book, reading, and vintage image iphone, coffee, and apple image
drawing, photography, reading, satisfying my curiosity


adventure, besties, and blonde image pink, quotes, and grunge image travel, clouds, and sky image city, italy, and venice image
Find good friends, be successful, be able to travel a lot


grunge, music, and Marilyn Manson image quotes, sad, and kill image dew, lace, and lolita image Image removed lil xan image boy, fuck, and girl image
I guess that sums it up


creep, radiohead, and weirdo image nasa, problem, and houston image Temporarily removed quote, mac miller, and enjoy image friends, book, and sheldon image quotes, girl, and woman image grunge, music, and quotes image friends, quotes, and miss image


surrealism, salvador dali, and art image art, kiss, and face image Temporarily removed art, waves, and sea image Image removed hands, aesthetic, and art image