Name: Mary Luna
Age: 16
Mary Luna is a 16 year old Latina girl from Los Angeles, California. She moved to Hawkins, Indiana because her mother Yolanda Rivera found a better job over there to support her and her older sister whose 19 name Lucia Luna or Lu for short. Mary's father Jose Luna stayed in California with Mary's half sister Amanda Luna and her step sisters. Mary is of Mexican, Spanish, Cuban, Italian descent. She just says she is Mexican-American though.

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Appearance: thick eyebrows, hazel eyes, dark brown hair, freckles, and tan skin
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Style: Girly and Soft
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Personality: Sweet when you treat her well, Rebel, Very Smart Likes: rollerskating, reading books, listing to classical music, photography, and movies Hates: Being treated with no respect and Country music
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Powers: Lighting and Fire

Mary once lived in Hawkins, Indiana when she was five years old. Mary and her sister Lucia were kidnapped by the Hawkins lab because of their powers. Lucia had strength and water controlling. The girls got their powers from their mother who can mind read. Lucia was 009 and Mary was 010. However, their mother helped them escape the lab where they moved back to California. After, that both sisters learn how to keep their powers on the low.

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Bestfriends: Nancy and Robin

At first Robin and Mary didn't bonded well but, then after Robin and Mary got close. As for Nancy, Mary knew Nancy because she is friends with her older sister. Both Robin and Nancy know of Mary's powers.

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Love interest: Steve

Although, Steve is older than Mary she still fell in love with him. He was originally Lucia's boyfriend but, it didn't workout.