Now, I'm a sucker for a Good Korean drama and I also have my favorites. Check it out ;)

6- The Package

The drama takes place in France. The female lead is a Korean tour guide there. The entire drama is shown to be the tour of a rather unique group. An old married couple who always fight, A couple who are financially struggling, A dad and daughter who seem like total strangers and last but not the least, the male lead, a sad and clumsy man who just broke up with his girlfriend.

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5- The Bride of the Water God

The story tells the female lead, a doctor who discovers that she is the servant of the water god who rules the water kingdom. He comes down to earth in order to find the stones needed for him to rule the empire of the Realm of Gods.

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4- Heartstrings

God I love old high school Dramas.
This drama is more like a musical. It is a happy-go type of drama.

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3- Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

The drama is about a weightlifter which is the female lead and a swimmer who is the male lead, their Private lives and struggles of being who they are doing what they do. Moreover it is a really funny drama.

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2- Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.

The female lead is an incredibly strong woman. In fact all the woman in her family are strong and I am not talking about 'that' strong, I am talking about bizarrely strong. The male lead is the CEO of the gaming company AinSoft. The male lead is constantly being threatened and attacked so he wants to hire a bodyguard and just then he sees the female lead fight off a group of powerful gangsters and hires her as his bodyguard. But the female lead has some other plans. She wants to work as a game developer in his company. The Villain in this drama is a man who kidnaps young woman to enslave them and then marry them.

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1- While You were Sleeping

Ain't nothing topping this drama. This drama has everything Romance, Comedy, Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy. I also love this drama because I like dramas with many characters.
Basically The female lead see dream that come true since her childhood. She is a reporter. The male lead is a clumsy man who is a newly hired prosecutor and trust me when I say that he is the best prosecutor.

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[NOTE: I may edit or add more dramas in future]