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Today I am here with the update of one of the most beloved posts in my account, so I hope you'll enjoy this shit as much as you did before.
I love you guys.

let's get tis started...


aute culture → rosalia

aesthetic, shell, and beach image girl, mirror, and aesthetic image light, lovely, and pastel image fashion, pink, and dress image


be my mistake → the 1975

friends, girl, and beach image painting, art, and museum image aesthetic, mirror, and theme image vintage and summer image


cocaine → pink sweat$

aesthetic, accessories, and hair image art and museum image aesthetic, food, and pancakes image art, aesthetic, and beige image


delilah → florence + the machine

art, museum, and aesthetic image grunge, indie, and retro image Image removed aesthetic, hands, and soft image


ex → kiana ledé

Temporarily removed rose, aesthetic, and art image grunge, mask, and theme image indie, quotes, and alternative image


february 3rd → jorja smith

aesthetic and blue image cup, tea, and vintage image summer, beach, and bikini image aesthetic, drink, and food image


gata negra → natalia lacunza

book, aesthetic, and vintage image aesthetic, art, and style image mirror, aesthetic, and gold image Image removed


how i see it → dounia

girl image beach, summer, and aesthetic image mirror, vintage, and decoration image fashion, girl, and outfit image


i like that → janelle monáe

girl, style, and vintage image Image removed milk, tea, and aesthetic image bed and vintage image


just a boy → olivia o'brien

Seventeen, aesthetic, and vintage image Image by keavy love, couple, and art image flowers, italy, and travel image


king of the clouds → panic! at the disco

Image removed aesthetic, pastel, and grunge image girl, inspiration, and vintage image fashion, girl, and aesthetic image


liability → lorde

fashion, outfit, and style image radio, vintage, and retro image Image removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It


medicate → gabbie hanna

Image by 311616am aesthetic, newspaper, and beige image fashion, bra, and lingerie image car, vintage, and brown image


natale's song → sia

dance image flowers, pink, and aesthetic image Image by bbyethereal Image by tenderlygirl


out of love → alessia cara

beach and girl image crepe and tea image cake, food, and dessert image girl, breakfast, and food image


privilege → the weeknd

girl, book, and harry potter image break, cars, and fusca image food image fashion, jeans, and style image


qui sait → madame monsieur

girl, beauty, and aesthetic image aesthetic, tea, and pink image flowers, aesthetic, and vintage image Image removed


rockstar → irama

aesthetic, gold, and alternative image aesthetic, vintage, and city image Temporarily removed aesthetic, city, and flowers image


swim → alec benjamin

Mature image pearls, makeup, and aesthetic image art, aesthetic, and theme image Temporarily removed


ta reine → angéle

girls, aesthetic, and glitter image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aesthetic, glitter, and gold image


urakami → mahmood

Temporarily removed aesthetic, antique, and beige image Image removed aesthetic, girl, and hair image


valley of the dolls → marina

makeup, aesthetic, and silver image aesthetic, water, and theme image Swan, blue, and lake image aesthetic, pale, and pink image


weaker girl → banks

Image removed Image removed woman, art, and feminism image aesthetic, food, and summer image


xanny → billie eilish

Temporarily removed aesthetic, alternative, and art image nature, watermelon, and puerto Vallarta image butterfly, nature, and sky image


you & i → rhodes

Image removed Image by Xx_lin_xX pink image Inspiring Image on We Heart It


zoo → winner

aesthetic, red, and style image Temporarily removed Image by - red, aesthetic, and girl image

there are a lot of underrated artists in this list that you can listen to. they are so fking talent and deserve a lot more, so don't hesitate and give them a try, you won't regret.


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