Hello guys what's up?!! Here is the day two of 30 days challenge! Hope you like it!! Let's start

If I were a/an

1. Colour

black and white, photo, and photography image aesthetic, black, and black and white image
Black 🖤

2. Element

girl, ocean, and sunset image ocean, beach, and blue image
beach, sea, and girl image

3. Animal

Temporarily removed
dog, animal, and flowers image

4. Season

flowers, pink, and nature image
Temporarily removed

5. Hogwarts house

harry potter image
harry potter, quidditch, and gryffindor image
Grynffindor  not sure

6. Planet

pink, world, and aesthetic image

7. Time of the day

beach, Greece, and palm tree image purple, sky, and sunset image

8.  Place

Temporarily removed
Los Angeles

9. Fruit

watermelon, fruit, and food image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

10. TV Seires

riverdale, cole sprouse, and boy image


That was day two of 30 days challenge. I hope you like it, if you did give a ❤️ for me.
Thanks a lot × Mel