Hopefully i don't get sued for using this picture. You are who you are, you are amazing, smart, funny, and one of a kind, a mirror is just a mirror, maybe we aren't who we see we are, maybe it is just our mind compelling us to believe it is what we look like, who knows. But everyone judges themselves, and for what? for who? everything you think is not perfect is perfect, trust me, don't compare yourself. There is nobody like you. Be happy with who you are, people don't have what you have, not everybody eats 3 meals a day, not everybody sleeps on a bed, not everybody is blessed as you are. You are beautiful or handsome in your own way, love yourself for who you are, don't compare yourself anymore, start expressing yourself it is healthy for you and your mind, the way you see yourself is the way you'll start feeling about yourself, be glad to be here today, many souls compared themselves to others and didn't find a way to stop and just be happy with what they look like, but you can make a difference, for yourself and others, don't compare yourself to others and if you see or hear others comparing themselves, you can leave a comment or message them something like this message, that message can make a difference.