It's back to school season and I'm not ready nor excited. My school starts in about a week and I'm really not looking forward to it. So I thought I would try and make the best of it by doing this tag.

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What grade are you going into
I'm going to be a sophomore this year and I think it's going to be a good year. I'm not a freshman anymore and I'm not going to be a stressed out junior.

What are you excited/nervous for this year
I think I'm excited to make new friends. I'm nervous for not having anyone I know in my classes or having sucky people in my classes.

What year did you start wearing makeup
I actually don't even really wear makeup. I'm a really lazy and impatient person and I don't want to wake 10 mins earlier just to do makeup. I did start wearing a little bit of concealer and highlighter freshman year.

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What cliques are there in you school

  • theater kids, which i'm pretty sure most of them don't like me
  • skater boys, most of them smell and are really rude
  • the furries, there's a lot that go on my bus
  • popular kids, of course
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What clique are you in
I'm not really in a clique. I don't consider myself popular but most of my friends knows lots of other people.

What classes are you taking
Chemistry, photography 1, student council, AP world history, geometry, honors 10 English, Spanish 2, and art.

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What is your favorite subject
I really love history, I've always liked the subject. It's super fascinating and really easy to me.

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What subject do you hate the most
I HATE HATE HATE science. Bio was so bad last year I'm actually proud of myself for getting an A in the class. I wouldn't get anything that happened in that class and science really doesn't interest me. I turned in worksheets but probably had every answer wrong.

What is your typical school outfit
I honestly just like to wear baggy jeans, like mom or boyfriend jeans because they are the comfiest and I usually wear a crop top with a necklace. For shoes I wear a lot of Vans.

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Have you ever ditched class
Only once. It's super easy to ditch at my school. I usually don't ditch classes, one because my mom automatically knows and two if I don't feel like going to school I just stay home. It was first period and I had fashion 1 and I was so fed up with the teacher and the class. So my friend and I ditched and went to Panera and postemated Dukin Donuts and chilled there.

What's the craziest thing that ever happened at your school

  • We've had lots of lockdowns before. We've missed school for a day because this lady came from Florida to my school district and made threats so all the schools had to shut down.

And honestly that's it I mean we have fights and girl's nudes get leaked a lot but nothing too crazy.

Have you've ever gotten detention
Not in high school, but in middle school I had the worst time in 6th grade, so I remember having detention a lot. I think I had a whole month of detention because I just DID NOT like my teachers that year.

What are four essentials in your bag?
I need water because the school fountain sucks and I don't trust the water there. Gum because I can't stand people with poor hygiene. Headphones because I need to listen to music at school, to school, and from school. And finally, food or money. I'm a super picky eater so I hate school food. I usually bring money or food from home to eat.

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Homework done the night before of morning of
I usually didn't have much homework besides reading for English. I honestly would try to finish most in class. But if I didn't finish I would do it the night before.

What do you love most about your school
I love that that staff and the rules are really chill at my school. We don't have a dress code and you rarely get a warning by the staff about your clothing. We can also go off campus no matter what grade and there's lots of restaurants by my school so my friends and I have something better to eat than school lunch.

What do you hate most about your school
There's kind of a lot. I really don't like most of the people in my school. The students at my school are so rude to each other and as well as the teachers. I also just hate how my school looks. It actually looks like a dungeon and some classrooms are so dull because they have no windows.

What is your best high school advice
My best advice would be is to have fun. High school will go by really fast so try and make the best of it. To make friends join a sport or a club that you are interested in. Also go to at least one football or basketball game because they're actually pretty fun. And as cheesy as it sounds be yourself and do what makes you happy because in a couple of years it won't matter what others thought.

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