Hello, it's me again Mel! I decide to do this 30 days writing challenge. I know none cares but , whatever.
So it's supposed to be uploaded yesterday but oops, I forgot it was 1st of August :( . So let's suppose this is for 1st of the month. Let's start.

“Note” I'm so sorry if I'm writing something wrong. Sorry guys still learning! <3


10 Random Facts About Me

1. I'm from Greece especially from an island

acropolis, Athens, and Greece image Island, now, and sea image
Greece, travel, and flowers image

2. I'm a scorpio

scorpio, art, and astrology image astrology, horoscope, and life image

3. I love reading books and watching series

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4. I love comedy movies

funny, comedy, and kitchen image

5. I am afraid of heights and darkness

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6. My favorite Greek food is Gyros

food image

7. I hate racist people

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yellow, quotes, and aesthetic image

8. I love dogs

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dog, animal, and love image

9. My style is more classic with black (yeah I like black)

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fashion, outfit, and style image

10. I hate insects

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That was the first of 30 days challenge!! Hope you like it.
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Thanks a lot × Mel.