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lets talk about my nine sunshines

how did you get into stray kids?

my really close friend at the beginning of our frienship introduced me to them and i'm really thankful for this

fansign, skz, and ot2 image ot2, stray kids, and lee felix image
aussie line were first who i started recognize

when did you start stanning stray kids?

hyunjin, stray kids, and kpop image kpop, stray kids, and jisung image

i am who era! right before my bday so it will be my 1 year anniversary with them on 14th august

first song you listened to?

Temporarily removed stray kids, felix, and hyunjin image

i think it was district 9 but i didn't get into it. their very first song in my playlist was hellevator

first bias?

woojin and stray kids image woojin and stray kids image

kim superior man woojin

current bias?

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kim my love seungmin. i feel like he is even my ult among all biases

bias wrecker?

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basically all of them but woojin wreckers me the most

favorite songs?

Chan, chris, and skz image boys, felix, and korean image grrr image asian, black and white, and boys image

its hard because i'm so in love with their discography but awaken, chronosaurus, spread my wings, grrr and mirror

favorite skz mv?

aesthetic, side effects, and kpop image korean, kpop, and skz image
side effects

favotrite song at this moment?

felix, kpop, and stay image kpop, stray kids, and wallpaper image
my pace

favorite choreos?

felix, gif, and changbin image
my pace
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side effects

actually all their choreos are masterpieces just like songs

favorite era

group photo, stray kids, and i am who era image

in case of looks and concept i am who

favorite ship

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in hyunmin we trust

favorite songs from each SKZ album

mixtape: grrr, young wings
i am not: awaken, mirror
i am who: insomnia, question
i am you: get cool, i am you
cle 1: miroh: chronosaurus, maze of memories
cle 2: yellow wood; side effects, road not taken, mixtape 4

favorite album

kpop and straykids image kpop and straykids image

all of them i can't choose

member you think you share most in common with

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seungmin because we are soulmates he just doesn't know yet

cutest members?

Image removed stray kids and changbin image Image removed stray kids and changbin image
jeongin and changbin

but tbh all in skz radiate big uwu energy

funniest member(s)?

stray kids, Minho, and jisung image felix, stray kids, and bang chan image
minsung and aussie line

why do i love stray kids?

stray kids, 스트레이키즈, and skz image

there is no paticular reason, i just do. i like everything about those 9 boys, their personalities, their music, their ideas, their goals, their lyrics and motivation that they give to me

stan stray kids

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