I don't know if what I'm about to tell you will sound interesting ... but I found the love of my life.
He is so handsome and beautiful
He is so affectionate and galan
He is so pure and real
He is so love and passion
He is so sexy and provocative
He is the love of my life
Touching his face is like touching the sky with my hands, when his body collides with mine we make love and magic, we fly and it makes me feel really loved, respected, appreciated, the only one in his life ...
I have broken his heart repeatedly, but he is still here with me. I still haven't found the reasons why he stays, why dont just leave this bitch and go looking for someone who knows how to value him.
Yes, I am very sorry to have broken his heart, I am in a war with myself and I cant forgive myself even if years go by and go back to the past I would say "I was about to lose the love of my life "... I want a life with Axel
I had never really felt that it is love and whats is be in love, but I feel it every day since the day I met him.
I could spend a whole day talking about how much I love him, how beautiful he is, how perfect he is ... I don't know if he will forgive me, but I am sure that I will try until life tells me " Enough, this is the end "