Hey, beauties! It’s me again 😉
In life, there are a LOT of stress and after that we’re always are tired, right? I think (and it helps me ;D) self care after a day full of stress is amazing! Very relaxing! Today, I gonna show you my fav self care rituals.

Tea + pastry

Lovely smelling tea and yours all time favorite dessert at a good cafe? It’s all that you need, trust me!

food, breakfast, and coffee image


Just few minutes or a whole hour, it’s up to you. Being with your thoughts is amazing.


Whatever you’ll be choosing - book, magazine or a WeHeartIt article will be relaxing. Just pick your favorite.

Image by sündos

Music or a podcast

Listen to a playlist that you love or a motivating podcast!

Face mask

For me, face masks are so relaxing thing and a lot of fun!

chill, face mask, and Sunday image

Bubble bath

There’s nothing better in this world than a hot bath with bath bomb or bath bubbles. You will forget your stress!


A fancy dinner at good restaurant or just a fast food. It helps so much to forget all of your problems.

Show or a movie

Watching a good show or a movie in the evening! I think we all adore this!

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Workout at home or a gym, quick run, yoga, walk with your dog. Stresfull minds will be gone!

Thanks for reading! I hope u like it. Be a self care queen ❤ No stress and anxiety in everyday situation.