hi guys!
To be honest, this article wasn´t my first choice, I've had started another one about my trip trough Europe but after losing it three times, I've decided to write this one which I had wanted to write since long ago, hope you enjoy.

Even though I have some healthy habits, such as eat fruit and vegetables and really try to avoid fast food, finding the balance of a healthy life is sometimes a battle for me. That's because I tend to experience food anxiety which leads me to non-stop-eating days and also because I've had some problems with food and body confidence. So organizing and writing it down helps me, and I hope you too, to stay healthy.

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eat, train, enjoy, sleep, repeat.

hydrate or diedrate

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drinking water will help you not only to feel more energised and less stressed but also it will increase your skin health and your metabolism which leads to help you losing weight. TIP: have always a keep-fresh water bottle by your side.
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doctors recommend to drink up to 2L /day. if you find boring or tiring to drink that amount of water try to make flavoured water or teas


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it seems like something we don't need to be told to do because we love it, but actually we hardly ever get 8h of sleep. As water, a good sleep helps avoiding stress and do miracles in our skin, sleeping also makes our brain work faster and better. TIP: control your sleeping hours with an app or in the bedtime section in your iPhone clock. that way you make sure you sleep the hours you should

move your body

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the key for work out is finding a sport you like or something that motivates you. for example, I love water so I do water sports, and for doing other kind of exercise I just picture the killer abs that I will get by doing those work outs. Anyway moving your body does not necessary mean doing extenuating exercises, it could be just going for a long walk by the seaside. TIP: if you still can't find nothing that you like or motivates you, convince a friend to do some sport with you, that way you can't skip your work out

eat good, feel good

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eating good doesn't mean to eat less, it means eating wisely and clean. What I recommend to do is : think what are you going to eat, try to plan your meals, avoid meals which have lots of ingredients when you only need half of them. Also don't go crazy with snacks and try to find healthier alternatives for all your guilty pleasures.

have cheat day once in a while

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it is not only healthy, but necessary, trust me if you don't have at least one in every two weeks you will end up breaking out.

make time for what makes you happy

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your emotions have a huge effect in your health. The more positive they are the healthier you are.

that's all for now, I hope it was helpful
thank you for reading!😊