Hi! This is my first article ever so i decided to do a lil introduction about myself. Let's start!!!!!


girl, summer, and boat image beach, summer, and tumblr image

Best Feature

girl, smile, and black and white image summer, beach, and tan image
People compliment about my smile alot ( especially my dimples ) and my flat stomach


fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, jeans, and style image
my 2 fav colors are beige and dark blue


travel, city, and sea image travel, summer, and beach image german shepherd image couple and love image
travel and explore the world, adopt a dog like that and find my true love

Every morning start with

yoga, fitness, and workout image
10-15 minutes of stretching

Favorite movies

romantic, titanic, and dicaprio image Scarlett Johansson and nanny diaries image
My 2 fav movies ever are Titanic and The Nanny Diaries

Greatest achievement

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Become more determined and hard-working


music, pink, and vintage image summer, beach, and friends image art, eyes, and drawing image book, beach, and photography image
listening to music, travelling, drawing and reading

In love with

architecture, city, and paris image Temporarily removed beach, summer, and sea image beach, cliff, and feel image
old architecture and the ocean

job of my dream

audrey hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and quotes image beach day, blogger, and fashion image
an actress, maybe a travel blogger or an art director


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tbh i don't know if i'm gonna have kids

last thing i ate

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black bean noodles!! Haven't eaten them for ages and i was craving so yeah

magical powers

Temporarily removed
ability to time travel


asia, culture, and depth image church, hanoi, and vsco image hanoi, tour, and travel image flag, Vietnam, and 30-4 image

One favorite song

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wow-post malone


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I would call myself friendly and a little bit of awkward when i first met new people. Sometimes my friends said i'm quiet but actually when i'm around my family members, i would sing, dance like i have too much energy and tell jokes all day long. Not many people knows that haha :)

Questions i always ask

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"What's after death" "What is my real life purpose?"

Reasons to smile

sunglasses, fashion, and paris image Abusive image

My family, love, the ocean



TV Programmes

the walking dead, twd, and rick grimes image wallpaper image
The Walking Dead is kinda good tho

Under water animal

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Sea Lion

Vacation spot

Image removed travel, architecture, and rome image
Italy, France, i mean definitely every single country of Europe!!!

Worst habit

Late image

Never be prepared so always mess up something or be late

X-rays i ever had

I've never had an x-ray before

Your favorite drink

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Avocado smoothie

Zodiac sign

Image removed

Thank you guys so much for reading this article!! I spend a lot of time on it hehe. If you like this, please give me a heart and follow me if you like to see more upcoming articles <3333
Have a nice day xx