Music always been with me since I was young. I listen to music every day and I always love to discover new music. Earphone and music on and you are in your world.

When I was young, I'm into Indonesian and Malay songs. These kinds of music always in my playlists. But, a few years ago, the genre and type of music that I listen to was changed. Now, I listen more to English songs.

I always have my favorite artists or bands that I love. It changes within time. And for now, these are my favorite artists and bands that I always listen too.

Linkin Park
This is my most favorite band. No doubt. I love Linkin Park so much. It was very hurt when Chester Bennington passed away in 2017. It's already 2 years since he passed and still missing him.I know Linkin Park 2012 or 2013. But, I'm being a fan in 2014. The way I'm being a fan of Linkin Park was pretty funny. Back then, I was a novel lover. And I read this book titled 'Cooper-K' by Rodier. It was a Malay novel. And the character of the book was a fan of Linkin Park. And I know the author of the book was a fan of Linkin Park too. I really love the book and it makes me do some kind of research about Linkin Park. And then I listen to Linkin Park songs and I love it. Since then, I am a fan of Linkin Park.

One Direction
One Direction is one of the most famous boybands in the world. I know them back in 2011. But, at that time I'm not into boybands. I start to become a fan of One Direction in 2015 when one of my best friends make me listen to One Direction. At that time, One Direction just releases their four-album called 'Four'. And the songs that I listen at that time were Night Changes and Steal My Girl. I was like "Okay, these songs are good." And since then, I listen to other songs too and becoming a Directioner.

Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons came into my life when I was a bit of loss after the frontman of Linkin Park, Chester passed away. At that time, I don't really listen to Linkin Park because it makes me sad and hurt. And, I listen to Imagine Dragons songs and their rock music makes me happy. And I really love Dan Reynold's voice too.

5 Seconds of Summer
I know 5 Seconds of Summer from my friend in 2015. She loves 5SOS and she told me to listen to 5SOS songs too. And at that time, I still figure out the international bands that I want to listen to. I love their songs and I listen to them since then. And their new album, 'Youngblood', some of the songs in this album are my favorite!

I don't really remember who makes me listen to Westlife but I think I know Westlife from my discovering songs on the internet or youtube. I think maybe it was on 2015 or 2016 since I know Westlife. When I listen to their songs, it's kinda familiar. It was like the songs that I had already listen to before. I know Westlife was famous in my country. It kinda hurt, I know Westlife when they were already disbanded. But it doesn't stop me to listen to them. When they announced the come back in 2018, I was so happy. I didn't expect to see them perform together, again. For now, the three new songs from the new album were amazing. Can't wait to hear the full album!

I start to listen to Daughtry in 2015. I don’t really remember when the first time I listen to Daughtry. But I think the first song that I listen to this band was What About Now. Actually, I know the song, What About Now by Westlife and I saw the version of Daughtry too. It was good and I love Chris Daughtry voice. When I listen to the other songs, it just wow. So amazing.

Jonas Brothers
This is the most recent of my favorite bands. I did not listen to their songs before, but when they decide to do a comeback, I am excited too. Actually, I'm becoming a fan after listening to Joe Jonas's beautiful voice. Damn, his voice is amazing. When their new album was released, I listen to it for I think a week straight over and over again. And what I know now, I am a fan of this band too.

The story of I'm becoming OneRepublic fan is the same as Linkin Park story. I know OneRepublic was one of their songs was mentioned in the book. The song is All Fall Down in the book Nyanyian Hati by Rodier. This happens in 2014. And at that time, Counting Stars by OneRepublic also a hit. And I try to listen to other songs too and I love it.