my inspiration for this article::

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01. a song that calms you down

australian, bad boy, and boy image
jasmine by dpr live

02. a song that is often stuck in your head

dance, debut, and gif image
movie star by cix

03. a song that reminds me of a friend

gif, kai, and jongin image
playboy by exo

04. a song that reminds you of your past summers

gif, Jae, and day6 image
feeling good by day6

05. a song that makes you hopeful

gif, jin, and v image
mikrokosmos by bts

06. a song by your favorite boy group

gif, jisung, and park jisung image
boom by nct dream

07. a song by your favorite girl group

gif, idle, and soojin image
hann (alone) by (g)i-dle

08. a song by your favorite soloist

gif, gray, and aomg image
drive by jay park ft gray

09. last song you heard

gif, hyunwoo, and shownu image
who do you love by monsta x ft french montana

10. a song that has made you cry

gif, Jae, and korean image
you were beautiful by day6

11. a song that makes you want to dance

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I want you by shinee

12. a song that you like but barely listen to

asian, boys, and bright image
everyday by winner

13. a song you can't stand to listen to

gif, hd, and lisa image
boombayah by blackpink

14. a song that makes you happy

gif, Seventeen, and seventeen home mv image
home by seventeen

15. a song that needs to be played out loud

asian, bobby, and boys image
love scenario by ikon

16. a song that makes you think about life

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epiphany by bts (jin)

17. a song you think everyone should listen to

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vibe by 1team

18. a song that makes you want to fall in love

gif, palette, and tumblr image
palette by iu ft g-dragon

19. a song by an artist with a voice you love

gif, city lights, and exo image
un village by baekhyun

20. a song that reminds you of yourself

SHINee image
sherlock (clue+note) by shinee

21. a song you listen to when you're sad

gif, lonely, and mood image
hug me by south club

22. a song that makes you happy

aesthetic, asian, and boys image
shine by pentagon

23. a song that you recommend to a non-kpop stan

aesthetic, handsome, and korean image
all night by astro

24. a song you hated at first but love now

debut, gif, and lia image
dalla dalla by itzy

25. a cute kpop song

gif, yves, and chuu image
hi high by loona

26. a beautiful kpop song

do, exo, and kyungsoo image
tell me (what is love) by d.o (exo)

27. a chill kpop song

gif, ateez, and san image
light by ateez

28. first kpop song

gif, girl group, and music video image
dumb dumb by red velvet

29. first song you heard by your favorite boy group

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the 7th sense by nct

30. first song you heard by your favorite girl group

gidle, gif, and kpop image
latata by (g)i-dle

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I tried not to repeat too many artists, but I hope you liked it ! my spotify is @kennedy127 there's a mix of kpop and western music on there.