Accept mourning

I know it's hard to feel, we often want to show others that we are fine and that we are strong. But this is not necessary, in fact it is extremely harmful.
Accepting what you are feeling does not mean weakness, but rather that you know that no one is perfect and that one hour we all fall apart ... Whether it is a breakup, a disappointment with someone close, the loss of a loved one. Before we want to rise we must let ourselves fall.
It hurts, but it's a moment of reflection on the situation, and in the end, believe me, you'll feel ready to stop feeling it.

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Have moments for you

Sometimes in life, isolation is good. Let the energies from the outside not come in and focus only on your well-being. Listen to your favorite songs, order the food you like the most on your phone, watch movies that make you forget or think about what's going on.
Knowing how to have moments alone means that you enjoy your own company and there is nothing better than knowing how to be happy without others.
PS: It's a big step towards self-love, even.

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Take a breath

After voluntary isolation, take a break, breathe new air, meet new people.
 Do not be afraid to go to a bar that you always wanted to go but nobody wanted to go with you, go to the mall to buy new clothes and try on new looks and go alone and enjoy your own company even more.

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Chat with someone

Get in touch with that person you know you can trust and who gives you great advice. We always think of a friend, but we forget the person who wants our best, our mother. She knows the best advice and will listen to you.
If you are not comfortable talking to her, look for a friend and she will know how to help you.

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Try to forgive

But not only for forgiving, but because you really feel that you have forgiven. You don't even have to tell the person who hurt you that you forgave her, but try to forgive.
Empathize and understand that we all make mistakes and know that forgiving frees you from so many bad energies. Think about yourself, focus on your self-esteem and how YOU can be a better person, and let others resolve themselves but know that you have forgiven.

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Go ahead

After following all these steps you will probably already have your own high self-esteem, feel better with others and yourself, know the time to be alone, and enjoy those moments. You will not feel hate or hurt anymore because you will be so worried taking care of your things and being happy that you will not have time to think about the shit someone did to you.

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I hope I helped and sorry for my english.