Since Everyone is doing it....
I am going to show everything I have in my backpack except Books, of course. They are not necessary ;D

1- Emergency Kit
This is one of the most important essential you need in school, you never know when you need it so always have an emergency kit in your bag.
- Band-aids
- Tape
- Scissors
- Earphones
- Pads
- Chapstick
- Tissues
- Pills
- Perfume
- Sanitizer
- Gum
and anything I think might come in handy.

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2- Novels
If you are a book lover like I am then obviously novels are a must.

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3- Water/Juice
Gotta make sure to stay hydrated and c'mon it's also good for your skin.

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4- Agenda
Your brain is not a memo so it can't remember everything. Having an is Agenda also a good way to show you are organized ;)

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5- Stationary
As we grow up our stationary items become less, but nothing like some good color pens and cute pencil case

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6- Snacks
You know the drill :D

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7- Files
Not that important but they may come in handy

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8- Mirrors
Make sure to look poppin'

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