So today I write the fourteenth day of the 30 Days writing challenge from the we heart it editorยดs Team.

Letยดs just start!

You can go anywhere in the world, where and why? Will you take someone with you or will you go alone and start a new chapter in your life?

I can' t decide. I always wanted to go on a world tour. Here are my two articles about the places I would like to see.

I always wanted to go on a trip around the world because I love to discover new places, new cultures and new people. I find it curious and cool to be in a new country.

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I would like to travel only with my sister.
Next with my future best friend from the university (if I find one)
Then with my future boyfriend.
Then once with my family
Last but not least, I would like to visit most of the places alone.
My goal is to vlog everything? Should I create a YouTube acc? who would be interested?

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I would like to start a new chapter so much. we will see if it will be in a new city. I always wanted as a child to live in Rome.

Okay thatยดs it ! I hope you like it !

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