i just wrote an article for the 30 days of writing challenge but i wanted to do some more so here i go, introducing myself a little more maybe?? doing the abc tag. enjoy xx


age: i'm seventeen years old

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best feature: my eyes i think (where's my hazel eyes squad?)

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color: i've got quite a few tbh but i love yellow, baby pink, turquoise and forest green

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deepest regret: dreaming my life too much instead of living my dream

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everyday starts with: scrolling through social media i guess

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favourite tv shows: tvd, new girl, elite and lucifer

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greatest accomplishment: getting rid of fake friends and surrounding myself with true friends maybe

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height: phew idk about 1,66m maybe??

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in love with: this guy

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job of my dreams: phew if i only knew ... photographer, author or something with animals maybe??

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kids? i'm really not sure. they're kinda cute but i have no idea what to with children whenever i'm around one. baby animals are cuter ..

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last thing i ate; chocolate

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magical power: there's a few things that i think would be amazing but i've always loved the thought of being able to fly or maybe to be able to control the elements?

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number of siblings: one older brother. love him lots

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one song: sign of the times, harry styles. gives me chills every time and reminds me of when i heard it live.

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passion: horses and books i guess

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question i get asked the most: maybe "are you dumb" by my friends. needless to say, we love each other a lot.

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reasons to smile: my family, friends, my cat and my horse, music, books, movies ... things like that

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season: summer

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tattoos: i love small tattoos and i plan on getting at least one

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underwater animals: hard to choose

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vacation destination: spain, u.s., australia (and more lol)

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worst habit: living in my head too much

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your favourite food: something italian probably

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zodiac sign: aries

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