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1. Favorite band

Image removed cover, diy, and hayley williams image

2. Celebrity crush you would marry if you were given the chance

jack gilinsky image Image removed
Jack Gilinsky

3. Celebrity you would go gay/lesbian for

pvris and lynn gunn image pvris image
Lynn Gunn

4. Favorite rapper

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5. A celebrity who's hair you would love to have

olivia o'brien and olivia obrien image Temporarily removed
Olivia O'Brien

6. Favorite actor

ansel elgort, the fault in our stars, and tfios image Image removed
Ansel Elgort

7. Favorite actress

amandla stenberg image fashion, girl, and beautiful image
Amandla Stenberg

8. Favorite Disney star

baby, beautiful, and disney image high school musical 3, HSM, and zac efron image
Selena Gomez / Zac Efron

9. A celebrity you would love to be best friends with

little mix image
Little Mix

10. Favorite songwriter

guys and brandon arreaga image prettymuch and brandon arreaga image
Brandon Arreaga

11. A celebrity you would do anything to meet

Image removed zendaya, pink, and actress image

12. A celebrity's concert you would love to go to

prettymuch, Nick Mara, and austin porter image band, boyband, and boys image

13. A celebrity you would like to kiss in a movie scene

tom holland, spiderman, and boy image Image removed
Tom Holland

14. A celebrity you saw in concert

concert, man, and yungblud image Harry Styles, one direction, and concert image
never been to a concert 😢

15. A celebrity whose voice you would love to have

Inspiring Image on We Heart It hayley williams, paramore, and music image
Hayley Williams

16. A celebrity whose wardrobe you would love to have

fashion, style, and outfit image maggie lindemann and rp image
Maggie Lindemann

17. A celebrity you would like to bring back

prince, purple, and rain image prince and icon image

18. A celebrity you would like to have dinner with

hemmings, 5 seconds of summer, and 5sos image 5sos, luke hemmings, and 5 seconds of summer image
Luke Hemmings

19. A celebrity you would like to trade lives with

band, nia lovelis, and love image nia lovelis image
Nia Lovelis

20. A celebrity you would like to interview

black and white, concert, and rock image Temporarily removed


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