Hello!!! I hope July has treated everyone nicely and you’re all resting!!! Here’s my July playlist, let’s get it!!!

Playlist name: JULY

rack 1: Snapping- Chungha
track 2: Since We’re Alone- Niall Horan
track 3: Lights- BTS
track 4: Sunday Bloddy Sunday- U2
track 5: Heartbeat- BTS
track 6: rEaR vIeW- Zayn
track 7: Breakthrough- TWICE
track 8: Love Me- Felix Cartel & Lights
track 9: D (Half Moon)- DEAN (feat. Gaeko)
track 10: Beautiful People- Ed Sheeran (feat. Khalid)

Have a great August!!! I hope the summer weather is nice to you and you have a great entry to classes if you’re starting school soon!! See you next month!!!

- elena xxx